Uniforms will be a red tunic with black trousers, cuffs, and collar, with gold piping on the tunic. The trousers will have a red stripe running down each leg (I may actually GS these, as the freehand isn't too pretty). The bearskins of course, will be black. The armor will be gold. I'm trying to replicate the actual uniform of the Grenadiers circa 1870s as closely as possible.

On the chance I can't get any of the Praetorian heavy weapons teams I'll convert the weapons from scratch, and the crews will be Cadian bodies with bare Catachan heads on which I'll sculpt "pillbox" style fatigue caps. The HW crews will be painted as artillerymen with blue tunic and trousers with red trim. The armor will be silver.

If I get around to it I may even do a unit of RR based off the 17th Lancers, or maybe the Blues and Royals.

As for tanks, the Grenadiers always prided themselves as Britain's senior regiment of foot (that and tanks are bloody expensive), so I don't think I'll do tanks.