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    5th Edition Rules discussion [CLOSED]

    OK a new thread for discussion on 5th edition, please try and keep any discussion general.

    And please bear in mind that this is not a complete list

    5th Edition Rumour roundup

    Ď5thí edition 40K is due for release in 2008 although we have conflicting reports about the release date, itís going to be either summer or more probably autumn (GDUK 08).

    There will be a new rulebook and new starter set which will be Orks vs marines, it will include both troops and vehicles (a marine dreadnought is likely and possibly others). The 3up grot seen at UKGD í07 is also for the starter box.

    Rumoured rules amendments

    1. the addition of a Ďruní option (similar to fleet but with a trade off to keep fleet special).
    2. Improvements to the cover save rules.
    3. Rending toned down (rending i.e. auto wound/no armour save on a 6 to wound & reduction in effectiveness against vehicles).
    4. Template(Blast) weapons rules streamlined.
    5. Sniper weapons rules amended (rending probable)
    6. Close combat rules amended with a combat resolution phase similar to fantasy
    7. Single vehicle damage table.
    8. Vehicles without a WS in CC always get hit in the rear armour.
    9. Vehicles able to ram
    10. Other vehicle amendments
    11. Mission rules changed in a similar manner to Apocalypse (no more Alpha, Gamma or Omega).
    12. Only non vehicle non swarm troop choices are scoring units (Note I did not say infantry)
    13. Vehicles types are adjusted (the rumoured skimmer nerf)

    Overall the ruleset hasnít changed dramatically but areas have been clarified, streamlined and in some cases brought closer to 2nd edition.

    Iíll add to the list as we hear more. Donít forget these are rumours and should not be treated as the truth.
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