Not neccesarily competitive, however such a list appeals to myself somewhat. Let me know what you think of it.

Prince with heavy armour, great weapon, bow of the seafearer, guardian pheonix mounted in tiranoc chariot 338pts

Prince with heavy armour, star lance, helm of fortune mounted in a Tiranoc chariot 306pts

Korhil mounted in Lion chariot 270pts

Noble with heavy armour, great weapon, radiant gem of hoeth and mounted in a Tiranoc chariot 227pts

Level 2 Mage with ring of fury and silver wand mounted in a Tiranoc chariot 270pts

12 Archers 132pts

12 Archers 132pts

10 Archers 110pts

4x Lion Chariots of Chrace 560pts

3x Tiranoc Chariots 255pts

4x RBT's 400pts

3000pts Dead on,

Bear in mind this is just for laughs so go easy. Ive included the fire base as I ran out of chariots I could take! Id probably move the chariots all in one area of the board and hit the enemy with at least 2 chariots (possibly even as many as four) to ensure i get a victorious charge, with the missile fire softening them from a distance. Obvious weakness to cannon heavy armies but I suppose ill just have to hope the bolt throwers are in range!
WAHOO for 12 chariots