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    My Space Marines fluff

    Ah! The fresh air of Portent! I am so glad that I rejoined here. I'm bored of EO. Here I go!

    Homeworld: An asteroid (which has been developed into a subterrian city) called "New Vhazghuel"
    Chapter Master: Saelonce
    Chapter founding: Cursed (spliced genes speculate around Blood Angels & Iron Hands)
    Chapter Motto:
    We see what one sees not
    poor vision then to rot
    once turned they are gone
    see then what cannot be
    shadows collide where light should be
    Out of blackness & out of mind
    strode down the silver halls of blind
    Flaw: hatred for the Iron Warriors, Occulobe drastically backfires at age of 14-16; Lyman's Ear's hearing is increased dramatically; mild psychic powers enabling sight without sight; canabalistic
    Segmentum: Obscurus

    The Ghosts of Vhazghuel were once a huge chapter (no one knows exactly when, except that they are a Cursed Founding; the spliced genes were never learnt, except by those of the highest power in the Chapter). Sometime after they had reached the peak of their time, they were bombarded by the Iron Warriors and were forced to flee Vhazghuel. The Chapter Master (who at the time was not Saelonce; he was only 202), with the 9 most powerful Praetors (Masters of Sanctity), 7 Librarians (including Daethra; rumour has it he is almost 1600 years old, but most of the marines in that chapter live up to 700-800 years) and backed up by about 100 marines, delved into the Eye of Terror.

    They fought savagely and killed hundreds of Chaos Worshipers and many of the Iron Warriors. They killed 3 Daemon Princes and returned almost intact. Those who died were around 70-80 Space Marines of the Ghosts of Vhazghuel (all librarians and praetors still lived, but the Chapter Master had fallen, whose corpse was dragged back by Saelonce).

    Techmarines were constantly paying attention to the failing life support systems in the asteroid. In it was the underground city "New Vhazghuel" where they lived in secret for several years. The 'homeworld' as they called it was heavy-fortified. It's outer-shell is nigh impervious to destruction, as the outside rock is covering a huge thick amount of adamantium. From scracth, the Techmarines built up their battle-barge, "Blind Vengeance" and returned to the Imperium.

    Unrecognized and seen by 'blind eyes of the Imperium' as they said, they left and turned to war with the Iron Warriors once again and fought brutally and savagely until they were almost all dead (they left because the Imperium didn't trust them). Their hatred escalated for the Iron Warriors continued to escalate. The Inquisition was overlooking them nervously and sent Inquisitor Griswald Vhalton to monitor them. He arrived to find them, but not as he expected.

    He saw hundreds of mutilated bodies, both of corrupt Imperials, but of the Iron Warriors as well. He fled the field of battle in horror, only to be caught in a warp storm with his 2 other fellow Inquisitors, Luel Ravensburg & Dmitri Tzaliztor only to return as all pawns of chaos.

    Soon after Vhalton's return, he assaulted 'New Vhazghuel'. The Battle-Barge containing most of their troops was far off and could not help them. They shot rounds after rounds of guns at the enemy ship. Shell after shell plowed through the space rock. In a final desperate attempt, Daethra, Saelonce, & Ferrous Blacknel (Master Praetor) and a large boarding party transported onto Vhalton's ship. They ripped through litterally layer after layer of corrupt Inquisitorial Storm Troopers and even Daemonhosts, eventually reaching Vhalton, Ravensburg & Tzalitzor and killing each one of them.

    After this awesome display, they were offered a second chance by the Imperium. They excepted. They drafted new troops from the nearby planet of Caesios (which is not far, not even 1 Light Year from 'New Vhazghuel'). However, little did the Imperium know of their canabalistic habits. When it was learned, they were to be hunt down once more & put out of their misery. Some speculate that 'New Vhazghuel' is under protection of the Eldar from Craftworld Iltzain. There are even rumours of half Eldar Space Marines, but this nonsense.

    Saelonce: The Chapter Master is presently 763 and has fought in many different campaigns fearing neither death nor pain. He charges into battle wielding an enourmous blade called the Hellfire Blade. His hatred for the Iron Warriors is the same, if not stronger than many of those in the chapter.

    He sits in his morbidly decorated 'throne room'. In is resides the Crown of Silence (a sacred artefact which enables awesome speed and strength increases). The wall are said to hold the eyes of every marine who was inducted into the chapter. The walls see all they say is they move left and right, as if they were to have a sense of consciousness (sp?). The floors are paved in gold with huge symbols of purity engraved into the ground.

    Daethra: The Chief Librarian Daethra, is the oldest living member in the chapter. He himself is around 1600 years of age and has the greatest knowledge of the chapter's deepest secrets. In his skin is powerful metal (some rumour that it is similar to that of Ferrous Manus' living metal hands). He has suffered grievous wounds from powerfists and daemon weapons and howls in laughter as he ignores the wounds. He is by the far the toughest marine in the chapter.

    Ferrous Blacknel: He is the Master Praetor (the bigshot master of sanctity) and has fought in several campaigns next to Daethra. Although he has never trusted Pyskers that much, and not even himself, he rarely ever pays attention to his psychic abilities, relying on his pysical sense rather than anything else. It serves just as well, if not better than the Psychic abilities incorperated the other marines (although they use it for sight and only sight, lest they be a librarian).

    The traits: Trust Your Battle-Brothers & See but Don't be seen
    Disadavantages: Aspire to Glory (they don't believe in Terminators; lost many of their dreadnoughts when the Iron Warriors bombed them to the stoneage; the Veterans of the chapter are huge in number, therefore, there is no real need for Veteran squads)

    The Chamber of Eyes:
    The Chamber of Eyes is the so called Throneroom, where Saelonce resides in. In the chapter motto, the line "Strode down the Silver Halls of Blind" refers to the chamber of eyes. Within the chamber are the eyes of every single marine who has entered the chapter. Those who enter the chapter must gouge out their eyes in a disgusting ritual to show that they are worthy enough to join the chapter. The eyes are then taken into the Chamber and put into the "eye sockets" in the walls and are left there permantly. It is said that these eyes see all.

    Whatcha think?
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