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Thread: DIY Warhound Titan

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    DIY Warhound Titan

    My friend has commissioned me to use lack0fbettername's templates to make him a Warhound Titan. to start things off, I made myself a cardstock mock-up. it looked amazing, but I knew I had to personalize it. After finding all the different angled pics from the FW titans that I could get, I decided on some details that made the design slightly closer to the official models. since then, I have started building the model and although it looks about 75% done, I think there's still about 50% of the work left ahead of me, especially if I'm going to put the detail into it. let me know what you think.
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    Re: DIY Warhound Titan

    Looks very good so far.
    Good luck with this.
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    Re: DIY Warhound Titan

    Holy crap! That looks amazing! Insane scratchbuilding. As an ork player, Id say Stompas in all their stompy honour, theres nothing that beats building imperial titans from scratch. :O

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    Re: DIY Warhound Titan

    oh right... and here are the legs
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    Re: DIY Warhound Titan

    I see my Titan is progressing well. Figured I should become a member so I could subscribe and watch your progress! Looks great BTW, can't wait to field it alongside my scratchbuilt Reaver.

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    Re: DIY Warhound Titan

    Looks good, I may have to give this a go as I really want a warhound but I don't have the cash to buy one...
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    Re: DIY Warhound Titan

    Once you throw a little paint on these card models you really cant justify spending the money on a more expensive model in my opinion, added advantage are those little touches that make them all unique and personal, check out the link below, Warhounds, Thunderbolts, Humongus, Imperial Knight and Mr Stompy are all card models, Although the Reaver is an old Armorcast I have now got hold of the extremely good card plans and intend to build a few soon as time allows!!!

    With a little imagination these cheaper alternatives can look pretty nice

    Enjoy your build Deckel, its a lot of fun

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    Re: DIY Warhound Titan

    I agree with Bulldog, nowt wrong with card, once pva'd together it suprisingly sturdy. I too made a 'Hound this way (tip..angle the upper body slightly downwards, it looks more natural).

    I'm on the last few bits of my Reaver, I'll start a thread on it soon as i dont wanna hijack lackof/Eaters thread any more.

    actually Bulldog, do you have a pic of your warlord (crusader thingy) next to a warhound? I'm planning to do one of those next but looking at the plans I think it may look too small next to the reaver.
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