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Thread: Comrade's list of unfinished jobs

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    Comrade's list of unfinished jobs

    Page 1-4 Nids and random Junk
    Page 4-6 Space marines and orks
    Page 6 Orks restarted after a long break

    Okay, so by generalising a project thread, I hope to keep this one running with many updates.

    I'll begin with the terrain I have to work on.

    Here's a small selection of the materials I'll be working with. bear in mind there is much more. As you may tell It's a cityfight terrain, but I'm hoping to build a half desert-half city based on the refinery map from quake wars.

    Map My Project will be based around.

    Some of the materials I'll be using, There is much much more.

    Poorly taken photo of one of the ruins. It's WIP in this photo. I have finished it now but I don't have it here at the moment.

    And my nids, still sitting there..... unfinished......taunting me....

    constructive C&C welcome. "It sucks" punishable by the giving of evils
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