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Thread: Lizardmen army book rumours

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    Re: New Stegadon Pics

    I haven't seen this posted anywhere else other than Starfyres photo so heres a better shot of the machine of the old ones.
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    Re: Baltimore GT Lizardman Rumors

    I was at the Baltimore Grand Tournament, and saw the presentation.

    There's not really new cold-ones, the basic cold one rider box set stays the same, there was 1 new character I believe that had a new cold one, it seemed to be modeled after the current ones in the range, just with some more armor/doo-dads hanging from it.

    They had a few pics of the stegadon including all the options, one being the crossbow, one being a mount for character with 2 very large blow pipes, and another which was the engine of the gods. They also showed a different option for the steg's head.

    There were pics of the new terradons, the riders stay the same, but the terradons themselves are pretty cool. They showed the special character terradon rider Tik'takto--again modeled after the others, just with a few things that set him apart like trophies/armor/whatnot

    Chak'ax, Eternity Warden (Temple Guard Special Character) was really cool, as were the new temple guard.

    They confirmed that Kroxigors will again become part of skink units.

    Doesn't seem that there will be anything having to do with Horned one riders, or at least they didn't mention them at all.

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    Re: Lizardmen army book rumours

    Thanks to Turelio over at da Warpath, we have pics of the Stegadon sprues, the unpainted assembled Stegadon (Engine of the Gods variant), pics of the painted Razordon and Kroxigors and pics of Chakax (the temple guard special character) and the new Saurus Battle Standard Bearer.

    Link to original thread:
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    Re: Lizardmen army book rumours

    Thanks to theultimateqpa for the following info:

    Quote Originally Posted by theultimateqpa View Post

    Just came back from Poznan Game Arena.
    Had a quick chat with some folks from GW as well as look at the new Lizardmen Armybook and miniatures.

    I took a picture of the new models but as I learned later nobody was allowed to take any photos, so il post them after the ban is banned couse I dont want the guys at the GW booth to get in trouble.

    Seeing the minis up close and personal I must say they are really nice.
    The Razordon is great. It looks like salamander with spikes, but the head is actually Reptile like rather than the awfull heads of the current Salamanders. The minis are also very agressive looking.

    The Temple Guard Plastics are fantastic. The only minus for me is that they aren't any bigger or beefier than the standard saurus. Il will simply put the plastic TG elements on the metal ones bodies to fix that problem and for more variety. But the models are really good anyway.

    As for the Terradons: When I first saw the sneek peak of them in the roumor roundup section I was really disappointed. They looked, goofy, skinny and cartoony for me. But the photos in the armybook made form diffrent angles totaly changed my opinion of them. They are really rather good They are agressive and muscled. This actually makes them look less like a real pterosaurus and more like and exagerated fantasy dino but thats the point here some could argue. They reminded me of the flying monsters in the first Riddick movie

    Kroxigors. Though I believe they look far from what they could have looked like but still they are better then the two previous versions.

    The Stegadon. All of You have seen it. I can only say that this beast is the showcase of GW plastic technology. The sheer amount of stuff and bling that You can put on its back is outrageous. The frames are teeming with parts.
    They are also fantastically detailed for a plastic kit. The Skink Shamans could easily make for a metal mini if You painted them.

    By the way, now that iv seen the GW minis in person I must say my respect for the skill of the 'Eavy Metal team has grown considerably.
    The level of the painting was better than half of the Golden Deamon entries here(which according to the GW folks had the highest standard this year).
    GW should really work to make their promotional photos show the paint job more accuratly.

    The Armybook counts 104 pages. The artwork is at the usual high level.
    I had a very brief contact with the book so the list of changes is of course far from complete.
    The rumour about the Slann getting their own lore were a bit inaccurate.
    Its not a magic lore but rather a list of special upgrades and abbilities.
    The Slann comes with one of such powers by default for no points. You can upgrade the Slann further by getting him more abbilities for points.
    I didn't look at the effects of the various powers, but basically they boost the prowess of the Slann considerably.

    The Saurus Warriors are going down in cost by either one or two point iam not sure which. Anyway they are cheaper.
    Their scaly skin is now indeed 5+.
    Also the "Predatory Fighters" rule is gone.
    However the biggest change was done to the sacred spawnings, basically.................THERE ARE NO SPAWNINGS.......there, I said it...
    The special characters in the book(and there are quite a lot of them) will act as generators of sacred spawning like powers for the army. This means that GW will follow the trend of SC influencing and character flavouring the whole army like in the Space Marines Codex. This is done so that tournament armies are as fair and competitive as possible, while retaining some modicum of character. If You want to play with Your friends though then You can use whatever rules You like.

    Skinks are now cheaper and have higher LD.

    Cold One Riders are cheaper. Also i wouldn't expect GW to redo the models for them since all the new artwork in the book shows Saurus riding the Lustria Campagin CO.

    Kroxigors can indeed form units with skinks like in 5 ed.

    All the list of special characters in the book that were circulating around the web so far have been wrong. Kroak, Mazdamundi, Kroq-Gar, Tenehauhin, Tictac Toe and Eternity Warden are inndeed there but so are several SC that I never heard about before.

    So thats basically it. Also tommorow there will be second part of the PGA so i might get more info.
    Quote Originally Posted by theultimateqpa View Post
    I haven't checked the rules for the Special Characters but what the man from GW said was basically that SC will have abbilities like the old spawnings that will affect the army. Its like the traits in the new SM codex.

    As for the Slann abilites I saw powers that enhance the spell casting prowess of the Slann as well as separate effects like causing terror for example.

    All that I know about the skinks is that their LD is going up and their point cost is going down. Thats what the GW man said during the presentation.

    No but I can check everything tommorow if the book will still be on display.

    Also one bit of info I forgot about: Temple Guard that are joined by Slann are immune to psychology. Also they come equipped with hand weapons and shields as well as halberds so their save in CC is a whoping 2+
    Quote Originally Posted by theultimateqpa View Post
    The contents of the batalion:

    8 Saurus Cold One Riders
    20 Saurus Warrios
    10 Temple Guard
    And some skinks, iam not sure how many but i think 12.
    Quote Originally Posted by theultimateqpa View Post
    [...] Yes.....very nice The first plane shows Saurus riding a Cold One and charging towards some unknown enemy. Second plane shows the rest of the army doing just the same while the background presents the dark, creepy forests of Lustria. Overally its better then the 6th edition one, though iam afraid I havn't looked long enough to recognise the GW artist who painted it. From the blur of a picture i have in my head i must say it was either Paul Dainton or Alexander Boyd.
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    Re: Lizardmen news from Polish PGA

    Well I had another glipmse at the book.
    Unfortunately it was only a glimpse. While i stared paging it I got a phone call that there was an accident at home and i had to bail out of there.
    Sorry guys.

    Here's what i managed to learn. Its not much but still...

    Lets start with the bad news: Apperently there was a misunderstanding yesterday regarding the spawnings. There are no spawnings at all. Not even with the SC. Yesterday the man from GW said that instead of Sacred Spawnings as an upgrade option for units we will get special powers from the special characters. But today the other GW representative correctted that. Apparently the SC do not provide any spawning effects. What they do have are standard diffrent special rules that SC had in warhammer over the years. So some of them may have something that will affect a whole unit but it doesnt necessarily have to do anything with the spawnings. Other SC have only special rules that affect themselfs. In other words lizardmen special characters arent in any way diffrent then what SC in warhammer always used to be. Although some of them have rules that are connected with the spawnings via their fluff and background like Kroq-Gar who allows You to field one regiment of Cold One Raiders as Core units.
    Before we hear an outcry of rage over this please consider that its not really that big a deal. Spawnings always considered only Saurus and they are now better then ever with the point drop, full 2 attacks no matter the weapon and 5+ save(which is basicaly the spawning of quetzl one of the few if not the only one worth taking in the first place). Its not like they erased the spawnigs from fluff. I dont like it either but its not a tragedy.

    Next: Slann Powers.

    Basic Slann comes at 275p. i think
    They are level 4 wizards and can choose any of the Warhammer Lores.
    The basic Slann also automatically comes with one "Power" for free. It can be any one of Your choice.
    You can buy a maximum of 4 additional powers so a Slann can have a total of 5.
    What is interesting is that apparently all the powers are equaly valued since You don't pay individal point cost for each of the powers. There is simply: X point for one additional power 2X ponts for two etc.
    Here are the powers effect that I memorised:
    1 - The Slann adds on free power dice to each casting attempt he makes. This dice doesn't come from the player power dice pool and is in fact "free". It can cause miscast and Irresistable Force as normal.
    This basically is the same boost that Slann of the 2 gen. had. Its extremely powerfull and changes Your Mage into something to be reconed with in the magic phase. But unlike the expensive Slanns of the 2nd. generation in the previous book You can now get this abbility as the "free starting power" which means that You can have a magic phase powerhouse for 275p.

    2 - The Slann can re-roll all miscast results.
    3 - The Slann has the "regenaration" special rule
    4 - The Slann can choose one lore from WHB rule book and he will know all 6 spells from that lore
    5 - The Slann causes "Terror"
    6 - The Slann is...and iam not exactly sure on this one....either immune to mundane attacks or magical attacks. Though i would go for the second option since it makes more sense.

    As for the other SC i only had a quick qlimpse through them sorry.
    Characters in the book that i remebered:
    Tictaktoe (...)
    Eternity Warden
    Some astromancer skink character
    And a blessed albino Saurus Scar Veteran SC.
    Och and there is no Nakai(the roumors about him might oryginated from that a Scar Veteran character since they are both albino)

    I was suprised to see that Kroq-Gar is the most expensive of the SC at a whooping 635 points.
    Mazdamundi cost 620 and Kroak 600.

    Mazdamundi can casts spell with unlimited number of dices and the "ruination of cities" spell has been now given to him which seems proper considering his fluff. I didin't read through his rules so he might have some other abbilities than that plus magic items of course.

    Eternity wardern influences the TG units he joins somehow.

    The albino Saurus has some kind of "resilient" special rule.

    Salamanders fire using breath templates but the template is placed by artillery roll of inches from their snouts.

    Razordons have the same statline as Salamanders(which is good) but i didn't get to read their special rules.

    Ancient Stegadon has 6 str. but lowerd I and A by one point.

    Carnosaur is now str. 7

    Terradons can now drop rocks similarly to the 5 ed.
    They also have a new special rule representing the fact that they not only soar the clear sky like other flyers but also hunt under the Lustrian canopy. Becouse of that the have they can move through forest terrain with no penalty.

    Thats all I got guys sorry. But nothing I could have done about unfortunately
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    Re: Lizardmen news from Polish PGA

    Majzownik's post got caught up in the system issue so I'm reposting it to bring it to the fore.

    Quote Originally Posted by majzownik View Post
    First of all, I would like to say hello to everybody.
    I've been guest-reading this forum for over a year now, and finally decided to create an account and become a part of the community.

    Having that said I'll go straight to the juicy part: Browsing through the web I managed to find a polish warhammer fantasy forum with more news rumours from PGA. I decided I will share the knowledge found over there with you guys.
    [just to make it clear - all the stuff written below is just a translation of posts written by people claiming to have read the book - hope they won't get mad for translating their rumours wihtout asking them first ]

    All the rumours by theultimateqpa have been confirmed on that polish forum. The other stuff mentioned there looks as follows:

    Cold-Blooded rule stays as it is now.

    Slann - T4, W5, 4+ WardSave, US3; can miscast as normal; cannot mix lores anymore; lost +1 to cast and dispell; max 4 abilities chosen from the list - first for free, all 4 for 150 points (I'm guessing 0+25+50+75) - theultimateqpa skipped 1 ability - MR(3)

    Old Blood - stats remain the same; no spawnings; AS 4+; may ride Carnosaur (S7, T5, W5, not a large target

    Scar Veteran - +1T, 5+ AS, same points

    Skink Hero and Priest - may ride terradon and both versions of Stegadon (Priest on the Engine gets +1 power dice)

    Skink - rank&file, 5 points, javelin and shield, have command group, Ld 6, 1 kroxigor (55pts) per 8 skinks; may skirmish for +2p (blowpipe)

    Saurus - scaly skin 5+

    Swarm - posion, 15 pts cheaper

    Cold One Riders - 2+ AS, same points

    Kroxigor - S4, 4+ AS, 55 pts, no skirmish screen

    Chameleons - 3 pts cheaper, no special deployment

    Terradons - mount S4, rider S3 (javelin only), may fly into woods; throw rocks - once per game D3 S4 hits per model

    Stegadon - S5, T6, A4, Ld6, 4+ AS, D6+1 impact hits; may have big blowpipe (12", 2D6 S3 auto or no modifiers hits), giant bow with poison

    Temple Guard - may have 2+ AS, stubborn and ItP with Slann, WS4, halberds, 1 point cheaper

    Ancient Stegadon - S6, A3, 2+ AS; may have 2 blowpipes but no bow

    Engine of the Gods - gives powers like cauldron of blood: 5+ward for friendly units within 12", or D6 S4 hits with no AS to enemies in 2D6", reducing spell difficulty and something more

    Salamander - probably move or fire (conflicting rumours on that), flame template shot at artillery dice inches, S3 -3AS, 55 pts

    Razodon - same as salamanders, but: may move and fire, shoot artillery dice of S4 hits within 12", need to roll to hit (BS3), but no modifiers for long range, being charged, moving or multiple shots; have to choose S&S as charge reaction, 56 pts

    Heroes cannot join salamanders nor razodons, but handlers do not line into combat.

    Lance for skink - gives stegadon 2D6+2 impact hits
    blade of realities
    S6 no AS

    Armour: very similar and cheaper

    Talismans: 5+ward, 2+ward one use, no 4+ward

    Enchanted Items:
    flying for skink
    jaguar charm - bound spell steed of shadows
    25 pts bound spell with uranos thunderbolt at level 6
    some magic attacks

    Arcane: diadem, +1 spell

    100pts - 12" stubborn for cavalry
    -1 to hit for shooting
    huanchi probably the same (or giving +D6" to charge - no consent on that)

    Hope this clarifies some things.
    Once again, all this information was found here: I did not see the new book, I just translated some rumours, so don't ask me too many questions
    I will try to translate some more stuff if I find any.

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    Re: Lizardmen news from Polish PGA

    More news from the preview seen on PGA:

    magic weapons
    - magic weapon 75pts: for each hit inflicted the enemy has to make a Ld test or die with no saves allowed

    magic armours
    - heavy armour on foot only: +1T, stupidity
    - stegadon helm: no changes

    - aura of quetzl: -1 to hit the bearer

    - cube of darkness: no changes
    - diadem of power: transfer DD to next phase power pool, 25 pts
    - one use only arcane giving +3 to cast after the roll
    - ignore miscast table result on 2+, and transfer it onto another enemy wizard in LoS on 5+

    - 2+ ward vs shooting for slann
    - statue of spite: no changes
    - magic cold one with M8 and no stupidity, 35 pts
    - venom of firefly frog: same, but 10 pts

    - there is an item making all enemy wizards in LoS stupid, 50 pts

    Skink priests can only use Heavens lore.

    Engine of the Gods takes hero slot (probably in addition to the skink priest riding it), gives +1 PD to the preiest riding it and has 3 powers that cannot be stopped - just like with the cauldron of blood (D6 S4 no ASv hits within 2D6"; 5+ WSv within 12"; -3 to casting difficulty for 1 lore).

    One more Slann ability mentioned: slann choses a wizard within 24" - this wizards rolls of 6 to cast do not count.
    Slanns abilities cost 50 pts each (the first one is free)

    Terradons are US2 flying cavalry.

    I think that would be all for now. I will try to keep on translating everything that pops up from that guys.

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    Re: Lizardmen news from Polish PGA

    I've got some more info for you guys.

    First of all, Slann: still Ld9

    Besides I asked about heroes and stegs.
    Neither Old Bloods nor Scar Vets can ride stegadon.
    Skink Chiefs and Priests can ride Ancient Stegadons, and the steg uses 1 additional hero slot.
    Skink Priest may buy Engine of the Gods as an upgrade for his A.Steg.

    Besides, I've got 2 new pictures for you.
    The krox is being described as plastic by two guys who have seen it.
    Still, I am double-checking this as it seems hard to believe.


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    Re: Lizardmen news from Polish PGA

    Just to confirm

    07-Feb-09 LIZARDMEN ARMY BOOK 15.00
    07-Feb-09 LIZARDMEN STEGADON 25.00
    07-Feb-09 LIZARDMEN KROXIGOR 12.00
    21-Feb-09 LIZARDMEN BATTALION 50.00
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    Re: Lizardmen news from Polish PGA

    Quote Originally Posted by oAFLORD View Post
    Quick question about the Skinks riding Stegs. Thery use an additional Hero slot, but NOT an additional Rare or Special slot? If you can confirm, that would be awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tokamak View Post
    So a skink riding a stegadon is 2 hero choices right? Or two hero and a rare?

    Oh wait, I'm the 2nd one asking this question.
    Ancient stegadon as a mount for skink chief / priest only takes a hero slot [EDIT: in addition to the Hero choice for the skink]. This means it is valid slot-wise to field an 8 steg army in a 2000-2999pts battle.

    Also, a couple more pictures:
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    Re: Lizardmen army book rumours

    Thanks to rikard for the following rumours:

    Quote Originally Posted by rikard View Post
    I saw an article and read a few sneak peeks recently and it was straight from the GW printing press.

    These are the changes I have read in the small info section for each unit, there may be additional changes and bonuses both for stats and rules.

    Generic rules
    Predatory fighter is gone, all saurus do indeed have a 5+ scaly skin save as base.

    May cast through skink priests, you measure both distance and LOS from the priest.

    The new slann powers are called disiplines and a slann may choose up to four including powers like Terror, regenerate, 3MR etc

    Old blood
    4+ scaly skin save, may take horned one (yup you read me right so he doesn't have stupidity and has M8)

    Has a more powerful Terradon with KB
    A magical mask (I'm not giving it's bonuses away just yet)
    May lead a terradon unit from any table edge of your choosing (rear charge on enemy war machines anybody?).

    Very nasty, if used with TG the whole unit is unbreakable.
    Has magical GW which makes all magic weapons in CC count only as mundane weapons.
    Becomes even more powerful in challenges, gaining a 5+ward, re-roll failed hits and his opponant always strikes last! D:

    His spear has changed and hand of the gods is now a bound spell (keeping info on how the new spear rules work as a secret for the moment).

    Ultimate predator has been changed, it now does D3 wounds against EVERYTHING!

    Can now be ranked or skirmish.
    Improved LD

    cheaper plus initiative boost.

    Temple guard
    0-1 is gone, they are now special choice.
    Stubborn, if used with a Slann they become immune to pyschology.

    4+ Scaly skin save, I didn't read anything about a strength reduction (though it still might be there).
    1 kroxigor may be put in a unit of 8 or more skinks, but does not count towards a special choice.

    Drop rocks is back but not as powerful (again keeping the full details quiet for the moment).
    Is also an option for a skink chief.

    It mentioned artillery dice and templates.
    special choice.
    Breath weapon: Strength 3 but -3 to AS

    Strength 4 spikes.

    Huanchi is still one use only but now adds D6 to your charge range.

    Other things to bear in mind
    On the release list I saw a blister pack for a chameleon skink stalker model.
    The models on the sheet where blurry but the paint jobs by the eavy metal team really show how awesome a lot of the new miniatures are, especially the razordon.
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    Re: Lizardmen news from Polish PGA

    Cover here:


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    Lizardmen army book rumours

    As i could not post in a round up froum(not quite sure why), I'll post my tiny bit of rumours here. About SC.

    No Krox SC. Sob-sob.

    Lord Kroak has 1 spell. Can be cast multiple times, range depends on difficulty - all enemy units in range suffer hard (kind of 2d6 hits or smthing) His temple guard is Unbreakable and he himself has higher T, W and Save then other Slan.

    Lord Mozdamundi.
    Rides an ancient Steagadon knows 1 lore + his own spell. Spell is hard to cast, has 12" or 18" range, it halves target units movement and causes severe damage. He also has some miscast protection and is a BSB.

    Is a stronger Oldblood on a stronger Carnozaur. He has some nasty items, including a damage-inflicting bound spell. Also allows to take saurus cavalry as a core unit.

    Also there are two Saurus heros - Albino and Bodyguard. 1st one is stubborn, hard to kill and expensive, 2nd one is very stubborn, very hard to kill and very expensive.

    Also there is a highly potent Skink Astropath, who is able to move d3 of your units after both sides deployed. Also has a one-turn boost to casting Heavens magic (and he knows all Heavens spells). Also he is a master of Comet of Cassandora spell. He rides a palanquin, much like a Slann does.

    There are also some Skink heroes - a Terradon rider, who allows to send one unit into an "outflank" move (much like in w40k) a Sotek Propheet and a Chameleon, of whom I know little.

    Thats all for now.
    Hope u like it.

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    Re: Lizardmen army book rumours

    From the Tau Online Forums we have a painted Chakax, Tiqtaq'toe, the plastic Skink Chief from the Stegadon kit and a picture of a Krox/Skink mixed unit, showing that the Kroxes do indeed go in the second rank, like they used to.
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    Lizardmen army book rumours

    Yup, I had a good read though there's literally tons of info altogether and I can't post stats (sorry). I haven't included the changes I made in the last topic.

    Please note:
    I don't want to get into trouble by giving too much info away so I'll only be providing two bits of info per character, don't send me a PM for more info because I will ignore it.

    First off the bad news (though kind of known)
    - Kroxigors are strength 6
    - Slann are squishy at T4 and W5
    - No Nakai

    Total of 8 disiplines: You get to choose 4.
    - Slann can add a free dice to any attempt (same rules as per 6th 2nd gen free dice)
    - may choose one entire lore (he knows all spells)
    - regenerate
    - Cause terror
    - Mundane attacks do not affect the slann
    - re-roll miscast table result.
    - MR3
    - At the begining of the enemy casting phase nomination one enemey wizard within 24, all rolls of 6 to cast are discarded.

    Temple guard
    2 points cheaper but automatically come with halberds, shields and light armour.

    skink priest
    only cast magic missiles and measure range through them.

    Skink chief
    BS increased by 1

    Arboreal predators - treat woods and jungles as open terrain from movement.

    Ancient Stegadon
    All rumours are correct except it was a 3+ scaly skin save not a 2+
    - 3 powers for the engine of the gods.

    Stats are exactly the same as salamanders and salamanders scaly skin save, 1-3 per choice.
    - no penalty for move and shoot, long range, multiple shots or shooting at a charging enemy.
    - miss fire works in the same way as it does for salamanders.

    - attacks count as flaming. (still a rare choice)

    jungle swarms
    Unchanged but cheaper.

    Oh boy!
    strength 7
    D3 wounds against everything.
    no longer a large target or an additional hero choice.
    Stats otherwise remain unchanged.

    -now unbreakable, but flamable.
    -Causes fear and cold blooded.
    -no limit to the dice number he uses to cast a spell.

    Deliverance of Itza: May cast it as many times as he has dice.
    four casting values, each increased value increases the range by 6.

    every enemy unit within range (engaged or not) takes 2D6 strengt 4 hits (increased to 5 against demons, undead and forest spirits).

    runination of cities is changed (lower casting value) increased number of hits for models inside buildings.
    his stegadon has a 2+ scaly skin save.
    - cobra mace is back and changed slightly (additional bonuses on top of breaking a magic weapons)

    - hero choice
    helm of the prime guardian - no scouts may set up within 20 of him, any enemy unit with fanatics, assassins or other hidden models within 20 of him must delcare them (as soon as they are within 20 of him too).

    - combined with various magic items and generic rules, he's very hard to kill.

    - lord
    Now a level 2 hero wizard but still fighty.
    -red crest benefits ALL skinks in army too.

    - level 2 skink priest
    - has palanquin like a slann but with different bonuses.
    - massively boosts lore of heavens magic (for ALL skink priests or slann with lore of heavens).

    - weapon ignores armour.

    - name changed slightly
    - hero
    - all rolls of 5+ to hit posion
    - he effectively can snipe at enemy characters or models so they do not get the look out sir roll.

    - blade of realities is now a force weapon,
    - spears are 1 point each.
    - stegadon War-spear - impact hits go from 1D6 +1 to 2D6 +1, counts as a lance.

    - hide of cold one +1 Toughness but stupidity, counts as heavy armour.
    -shield of mirrored pool now reflects Magic missles on a 2+

    Enchanted items Many more new items here.
    - Horned one (WHY?) move 8 I 3 no stupidity.
    -Charm of jag, bound spell steed of shadows at level 5.

    Some good new banners.

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    Revision to LizardMan Rumours - 100%

    Just saw the book yesterday, so here are a few things that I am revising that are off/missing in the current thread:

    Sun-Something blade - +2 attacks
    War Drums - Unit with character with wardrums can march even if enemy are within 8" AND all your units attempting to rally within 12" of drums get a +1 LD (stacking with all other bonuses up to a max LD of 10)

    Shield that gives +1 attack.
    Shield that reflects back ALL magic missiles on a 2+. Reflected back to the caster. This affects the ENTIRE unit that the wielder joins.

    Arcane Items:
    2+ ignore miscast AND transfer it to any enemy wizard within LOS. This item is NOT one use and it does transfer the miscast on a 2+. BUT - you can't transfer the a 5-6 roll on the miscast - which would be you casting a spell free... Except to see people throwing 4-5 dice at a fireball and giving you the miscast.

    The Wizard-stupid standard. All Wizards that can draw line of sight to standard and are within 18 inches must test for stupidity as per normal.

    Slann Abilities:
    The choose a wizard one and that wizard ignores 6s means has a Line of Sight stipulation.

    Kroxigors s4, t4 with great weapons - but they're cheaper by 10 points If I'm not mistaken.


    Lord Kroak:

    The one spell that can hits all enemy within range for 2d6 str 4 hits. Casting value is equal to range increments so 5+(6"), 10+(12"), 15+(18"), 20+(24")

    Lord Maxdamundi:

    Kabooboom of Cities or wth it is called is 2d6 str 4 hits, or str 5 vs chaos and daemons and forest spirits etc..

    As per what you guys already have up with one huge bonus:
    No scouts can deploy within 20" of Chakax. If any unit with a hidden thingy (assassins, fanatics, etc) comes within 20" Chakax - then the lizzy player has to be informed.

    Skink-Astromancer guy:
    Pretty nutty.
    Every turn, he rolls 2d6 at the beginning of the magic phase, on a 2 - some negative like a -2 to all heavens casting values. On a 3+ - all heavens spells for ALL players are irresistible on ANY double.

    Gor-rok Mr. Hard to kill:
    Reroll all successful wounds against him.
    His shield always counts as him defending an obstacle, so no charging bonuses etc..

    All in all - Pretty balanced for a low magic list. Considering the magic phase sucks because of the billion ways to shut it down, the Slanns are a huge point sink for the effect they will have (a fully kitted slaan is 525 not including the unit, the special character slaans are 600/620).

    Sam W.

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    Re: Pics of Lizzies from New WD (CDN Ed.)

    (not sure if this has been mentioned)There's an enchanted item in the book that makes the bearer causes fear and everyone within 12" stubborn. Costs 100 points though, when i first saw i thought "way too much", but combined with lizzies 3 dice Ld test not bad. Although it does tie up a Lord character for other items

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    Lizardmen army book rumours

    Ok folks..

    Scarborough Town Centre has the liz armybook for show/preview.

    So here is some comfirmations/corrections:

    There is an entire half page devoted to mixed units for us, as it states lizardmen are the main army that has a prevelance of this. It says when dealing with a mixed unit, count the spots taken up by the 'larger models/whatever term it used', asif they were the normal ranked yes, krox and slann still count as full ranks.

    * Saurus are 11 pts, not 10
    * temple guard are 16, not 15
    * saurus cav are the same as current, not cheaper

    * it appears Tetto'eko CAN join units of temple guard OR skinks...the wording allows this as it says MAY join skinks instead of temple guard (this is big for me since i plan to buy 4 boxes of temple guard...20 for slann, 20 for tetto'eko whenever i may use him)

    * I won't put the pt cost here, but TikTaqTo is VERY expensive...he is over 300 pts, just like Chakax..

    * Yes, TikTaqto has a special rule that he CAN join terradon units as their 'squad leader' basically...heheh

    * terradons still have hit & run but it's weaker now i think. it refers to a rule in the BRB called "feigned flieght or something' that is for fast cavalry. There may be some addendum to it but i didn't read the entire entry for it. I forgot to check about the rock thing

    * salamanders work as follows: place the flame template at their mouth in a direction you wish that you have line of sight. Then roll the artillery dice andmove it forward that many inches. One you find it's position, treat it as a breathe weapon basically.

    * razordons DO get 2 art. dice when stand and shoot but 1 otherwise

    * engine of the gods does reduce casting cost by 1...NOT 3.

    * skinks in howdaw of a stegadon get a 3+ AS. If i saw it correctly, ancient steg grants 2+.

    Some stuff that annoyed me...

    As people here know, the fact that we don't have our own lore pissed me off too no end..but that aside as i have accepted that...

    * the 2nd or 3rd page..has a beautiful full page artwork of a liz army going to the pic, is a skink priest guy riding...a COATL!!! I immediately flipped to the back to check, hoping maybe this was kept a secret for this long...Sadly NO...they have the damn pic in one of the main artworks of the book, and they have a large passage talking aboout Coatls...but alas, even though it be fun, fluffy, and makes sense, we don't get it... *sigh*

    * the cold one rider art follows the art from our cold ones, so they have those stupid looking heads and of the art is quite good for the most part

    * mazdamundi has a 4+ ward, but no ward for the stegadon.
    * kroak has a 3+ ward..he still hass the -1 to hit, but he no longer turns magic weapons into mundane (DAMNIT!!! they really made him bite!) One good thing, his PD, get added to the free pool so anyone can use them.

    * our item section bites.

    Basically we have the same weapons as now, except that the blade of realities is 75 pts and can instant kill stuff if they fail a ld test (no saves, regen, etc are allowed)

    Banners, i didn't get a good look as i had to leave due to the wife, but the skavenpelt banner is there (the one that was in the lustria book) but i forgot if its skink only. Overall, i did see the 100 pt banner (krygor one) but forgot to confirm what it does. may go back tomorrow to check Razz hehe

    Overall, from what I do remember glancing over it..nothing hit me as stuff i'd really want to use, so don't expect the cool type of banners vampires, warriors, dark elves, and daemons got.

    we only have 3 talismans (the same 3 as now, but aura of quetzl now sucks as it's not a 4+ ward...sorry, but -1 to hit won't save our oldbloods from the type of stuff that they would need a talisman for anyways).

    * enchanted items....nothing really new that i remember...i saw the rod of storms (bound uranon's), jaguar charm (bound steed), forgot the rest...but again..our item section is a big let down.

    The art of the skink priest on the coatl makes me want to sculpt a coatl now for a GD i will prob do that and hope that in 8E, we get more stuff as all armies deserve.


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    Re: Saw lizardmen armybook today...some confirmations/corrections

    Just saw the book myself and made special looks at the following:

    Skinks and sallys and razordons, krox's, camys are still all aquatic and they do not have any jungle fighters rule.

    The Priest can only ride an Engine of the Gods for 290 pts. It does NOT take up any extra hero slots or rare slots unless it is a hidden rule somewhere but as in previous books it is always out in the open. Only displaces 1 crew skink so better protection against shooting.

    The Skink Chief can ride a terradon for 30pts, a Stegadon for 235pts or an Ancient Steg for 275pts. They do NOT take up any extra hero or rare slots. Only displaces 1 crew skink so better protection against shooting.

    Terradons are toughness THREE. 30pts each. They have 1 str3 attack and 1 str4 attack. Characters mounted on a terradon CAN join the unit.

    Scar vets and Skink Chiefs CAN be BSB's and take magical items unless they have a magic banner. The Slann can be the BSB and take a magic banner AND his full magic allowance.

    Skinks are two different units now.

    Skinks rank and file. 5pts come with jav and shield and can take a full command as well as add Krox's. Does not say which leadership to use though I would assume you always use the highest and it does not say if the unit is immune to fear since the Krox's are not heroes as in the BRB. By RAW they would still have fear then?

    Skink skirmishers are 7 pts and come with blowpipes. +1 pt to upgrade to jav & shield.

    As before if you have a Slann and a Temple Guard unit they Must be together unless of course you have more than one TG unit and you can only have one Slann per TG unit.

    Engine of the Gods does ONE D6 Str4 damage with it's range attack.

    Salamanders use templates and EACH template is fully resolved before the next is shot. That means models may be hit multiple times for each unit shooting. Do not panic when they eat the handlers but still do the monster reaction when the handlers are all gone. Did not see that characters could not join them but could have missed that.

    Ranzordons DO have only a 12" range.

    Cameleons still get the extra -1 to hit from shooting.

    Mazdamundi has the Sun Standard of Hexoath which does nothing as I see it but he is the BSB. The banner others may use is the Sun Standard of Chotec which gives you the shooting protection.

    Blade of Realities as we have seen forces a LDR test for every hit and if they fail they die with no saves. If the ldr test is passed you still roll to wound and do saves as normal so it is not a one trick pony.

    Shield of the Morrored pool now only 30pts and works on a 2+.

    Stegadon Helm - +1 save +1 ldr for skink wearing it. 50pts

    Divine Plaque of Protection for a 2+ ward against shooting is an enchanted item for Slann only.

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