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Thread: WarSeer Painting Support Group

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    Re: WarSeer Painting Support Group

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Jacka View Post
    More Orks! You are a sick puppy. Need to do some IG and repent.
    Thanks Colonel Jacka, but I think I have done my part on the Imperial Guard, and do not soon as the Orks are done I am back to Sisters of Battle (and the Imperium LOGs) to finish that army once and for all...then either the Elysians or my Necromundian Guard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Codsticker View Post
    I finished off the last two models for my Skaven warband: a Verminkin with sword and Eishin Sorcerer (please pardon the cat hair ).
    Nice Skaven Codsticker.

    Look forward to your Dwarven Warband.

    I completed some more Orks (Mechs and Rokkit armed Ork):

    And some more Grots and a Minder:

    Only some Ork Deffkoptas and the Orks will be done!!!

    More shots in my Ork PLOG.

    The long painting war continues...


    Welcome back everyone. Please check your old PLOGs and update any photos that have been lots in the hack.
    Elysian Army PLOG - Tau Army PLOG - Ork Army PLOG - Sisters of Battle PLOG - Necromunda Imperial Guard Army PLOG
    Please follow the rules and respect the opinions of others - Warseer FAQ
    Presently selling a fully painted OOP WHFB Orc, Empire Army and Dark Elf Army - come see here

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    Re: WarSeer Painting Support Group

    @ Captain Brown: Your amazing right now, Mate

    @ Codsticker: Cool to see some rats back in business.
    / SDKFZ

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