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    There will be Blood, Angels

    Alright so I've gotten into the swing of using the forums here and wanted to share my current work project I've been collecting my blood angels for about 10 years, I have been collecting them and have prided my self on having reached a company size.

    Than all of a sudden GW comes up this great idea make a gaming system of rules to allow me to use my whole collection. But heres the catch, they're going to offer to all good fans the chance to own their own company. Grrrr. plus it will have enough rhinos for all the squads and enough heavy weapons for two full Devistator squads. Half my force has been scrounged, refit and rebuilt marines from two friends marines armies. They have seen their share of paint and not all them have ended up being finnished sadly. Apocalypse encouraged me to repaint them so they'd be some what presentable. I got through all 6 tactical squads and ran into a bump...

    yeah thats right I caved in and ended up buying company numero DUO.
    So since I did my first company as the second blood angels company, The new one will be the Blood Angels 3rd. Tycho's legacy. I repainted my old Tycho when he went to fight in the Death Company on Armageddon. He will be used once and a while but since he died... I have decided to make he chosen replacement. I want to use the Ultra-marine's chaplain Cassius since he has a similar crippling illness to tycho, his face was injured... or more so burned off hehe. I am going to arm him with Tycho's combi-melta. So any way I have cleaned all the flash lines and removed and sorted all the parts, to my awesome luck it would seem I have found an extra tactical squad in the box. I went out and got a bits bin since i originally had all the bits separated into those clear separated containers GW gives you now instead of those old Styrofoam ones.

    So several months melt by and tadda I'm slow and have finally got them all assembled, minus my extra squad. I have combine it with extras from the DA box set for extra cool parts. I want to make a jet pack comander, a chaplain, and if Im bold a librarian. Heres a wide of the lot assembled so far. I want to get some close ups but they will have to wait for a camera with a better macro hehe.

    Oh yeah I had an extra old tactical squad in the other company so now I have two extra squads. I think Ill paint each one as a separate second founding angels army. I also ordered some bits like servo legs for my tech adept, the marine arm thunder hammer, the old lightning claws, and the Vet marine lightning claws. I ordered 5 of the heads and shoulders pad from the baal pred for the blood angel winged shoulder pad, and 5 of Dante's back packs for his honor guard as extra project. I loved the one in the white dwarf codex but thought they looked a little bland. I want mine to have the company champion a tech adapt, Apothecary, and the banner to max out on all the power weapons I can get. Oh did I mention I caved and also got a masters of the chapter set? No, well I did. So I'll have them too, and a librarian in terminator armor and the jump chaplain. I have way to many characters I think... They just look soooo good. Sigh there a bane blade and my land-raiders as well... but thats another story.
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