Sometimes when regiments suffer losses, they will merge with each other to maintain full strength formations for the duration of a campaign, sometimes even longer. In other cases regiments will be annihilated, disbanded or the regiment desert. What happens to these regiment's name and number?

For example, when regiments merge, which name will they take, or do they perhaps come up with a new one? If a regiment is utterly wiped out, will they reuse the name and number when recruiting a new one, or will the regiment get a honorary mention in the annals, the banner put in a museum and the name allowed to rest? Would there be any difference if the regiment were exterminated in honourable defence of the Imperium, or if it deserted.

I would say that the number and name wouldn't be used again if the regiment were disbanded for unfaithfulness, but there's more of a grey area in the other cases, I believe. Your thoughts?