I've never gotten a chance to play Battlefleet:Gothic before, but from the sound of it, it's definately very cool. I'm also a big fan of some of the larger ship models, though to be honest I think GW is raping us on the cost...some of those battleships are $30 or more and they're not all that big. For $35 or so I can get a full squad of Terminators, multiple attack bikes, etc. Point cost shouldn't = $$$ cost, but that's a whole seperate discussion.

I've often had an idea to try and generate interest in a large-ish campaign...a "Conquer the Universe" campaign if you will. It would start with a large BFG map and there would be both BFG games and WH40k games (assaulting a planet/station). I would think that the overall campaign would have the same kind of feel as Rise of Nations on the PC (single player is broken into 2 modes; one like Risk where it's just shapes on the map and armies sitting on them, then the classical Age of Empires style combat to win that battle you started on the Risk map), except it would be on the tabletop. I'm not really planning on it being a short game; taking the better part of the summer, or at the absolute shortest a 4 day weekend.

That being said, I want to know what BFG fleets are fun to play (I don't mean fun as in the fleet is uber cheese and you'll always win unless someone has loaded dice). Since I want to be part of this event instead of just overseeing it, I would also like to plan for my BFG fleet and army. I'm thinking Eldar because from a purely aestetic point of view, their ships are awesome, as are their WH40k figs. Lots of potential for really awesome paint schemes, plus the whole elegant models thing.

Anyone who plays Eldar in BFG, please feel free to tell me how they handle, or if you play one of the other fleets and think they're the best, tell me why the Eldar fleet sucks .