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    My Fishman Sculpts!

    Hi. My name is Kyte. Some of you might know me from other forums, where I keep my blog. I usually lurk around here on warseer, but I usually don't post, as the forum is way too busy and difficult to keep track of. Also the skin with white text on a blach background annoys my eyes, and the "Greyscale lo-fi" skin doesn't always work.

    I do however see the qualities of warseer. You'll get a lot of replies quickly, and that's what I'm after with these sculpts

    I now have pics up of the fishman sculpts I intend to mold cast, sell and use for my own Fishman themed Lizardman army - The followers of Cthulhu*

    *(More of that later.)

    We'll begin with the boring stuff as always.

    Sea Swarms

    Beach bases, you see. I tried water bases, where I cut holes in the bases and filled them up with clear resin, but it didn't work well, so I went with beach bases instead

    These are already ready for selling. Each pack will contain 2 sprues, each containing:

    1 lobster
    1 Horseshoe Crab
    1 Normal Crab
    1 Skeletal Fish
    2 Starfish
    5 Random sea shells.

    The next model was a lot more complex, and I still have to make another one along with an extra set of arms with javelin and shield to cover all weapon options:

    Skink (Fishy name yet to be decided)

    This one isn't even cast yet. I figure that I'll have to break off the arms and legs and cast them seperately. I think this is far cooler than GW's lizard skinks.

    This is going to count as saurus/temple guard in the army:

    I will only make this one body, but for the back rankers, I'll make another set of arms to enable them to rank up properly. Should I go for another trident or something else? Command group will not be cast, but I will most certainly convert a fishnet banner like the Komodon Models made by that other company.
    The model will be cast like the skink with seperate body, arms and legs.

    This is the sculpt I'm most proud of. I went for a Davy Jones like look, but when people see it, they say "Hey! You've made Cthulhu!" And I don't know who Cthulhu is, although a google image search comes up with pictures of a monster with a similar head and hands.

    I know it's not as cool as Rikard's Kroak, but I hope it's close...

    Cthulhu Mage Priest

    As it's a very big model, and I only need one to lead my army, I am unsure if I'll cast it. It depends on if there will be anyone buying it. As it's rather big and chucky, it will need a big mold and take a lot of resin, so price would be around £4-5.

    It's palanquin (Which neither I nor any of my english teachers have found a way top pronounce) will most likely be a coral overgrown sea muscle shell, and the priest will be sitting on a big pile of dead fish and sea creatures. I have yet to decide if it will be levitating like the current slann or bourne by servants like the old model. I figure that the mage priest wouldn't need to levitate, as it spends most of it's time under water, where the gravity is different.

    By the way, does anybody know what those sea shell thingies that sticks to underwater rocks, and that I have added to the belly of the mage priest is called?

    And does anyone have a link to the site with pictures of all fishman models made by all companies?

    A brief description of What and who Cthulhu is wouldn't be off either.

    Thanks all and I look forward to casting all the models. Selling will start this summer, when I've finished school.

    I'm sorry to say this, but don't expect an update soon. I'm only home in weekends, so I don't get much work done at the moment.


    - Kyte
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