I used the list I posted here:

The first two games were against the same list. 40 Handgunners, 2 Battle Wizards, 10 Knights (inc. Warrior-Priest & General), 20 Flagellants, 2 Great Cannons, a Hellblaster, and a Stank made up his army.

Game 1:
We each had a hill, and there were some trees around the flanks. I put some of my Crossbows on the hill, and some on the ground next to them, about 11" up so his Handguns and HBVG couldn't shoot them without moving. My Dragon took the left flank, along with all the stupid stuff and the Harpies, and all 15 Dark Riders took the opposite flank. Aside from bunching up around his warmachines, he put his knights on my right, and his Stank on my left. I had deployed my RBTs out of LoS of his Cannons and range of the HBVG, but into sight so they could rain down death on plenty of Handguns if they wanted.

In the first turn, likely what screwed him up all game, I sent two mega-bolts from the RBTs to his Stank and tore off a very respectable six wounds! My Crossbows also moved up, in a big line of 28 men, and rained down arrows on his Handguns. After the obligatory 300 reference, he unfortunately wasn't fazed by panic. Meanwhile, my Dark Riders flocked for higher cover on the one flank, while my Dragon, Harpies, COCs and COKs took a conservative approach up the right flank. He responded by keeping his Stank still (phew!) and opening up with Handgun fire and magic. I let through Doom and Darkness on my Crossbowmen, in lieu of blocking Wind of Death and the equivalent Fire Lore spell, which to me meant much more. But one of my units panicked, ran, and wound up outside the General's range.

The Crossbows rallied next turn, but they were badly out of place. I could've scrolled that Doom and Darkness too... Anyway, the CoC's charged into the Flagellants, while the CoKs prepared to flank them. With trees protecting them, the Knights were completely unable to support the Flagellants. Also, the Harpies moved to marchblock the Knights, and the Dragon ran up to the Warmachines and let loose with a breath attack that killed the Hellblaster crew in their entirety and half of both Cannon crews. (Don't ya' just love it when people bunch their Warmachine crews together?) The Dark Riders decided to take some shots at the Stank, to see if I could get full points out of it, but their stuff all bounced off. Figures. However, the RXB Elves that didn't run shot at a unit of Handguns and, one more 300 reference later, the unit was wiped out, forcing panic that surprisingly 3 units on Ld7 didn't break. (And apparently Warmachine crews are immune to Panic? )

On his last turn before his forefeit, one of his cannon crew fell back in terror, and the other tried a grapeshot (so as not to whack his Knights in their sweet little flank with an inadvertent cannonball shot) but he blew it. After that he gave up, as it was only a matter of time before my Dragon hit home against his guns.

Game 2:
The first guy wanted a rematch. So, when we moved to another table, we had an "impartial" (read: Asur swine ) spectator set up terrain for us. And he set up forests in the center of the board, stretching all the way across the board in a LoS-blocking manner that only an Asrai would love. The only gaps were a bridge in the center (that we otherwise counted as a LoS-blocking hill unless you could see over) and two less-than-12" gaps on either board edge. On one of these gaps, he used a settlement to set up 20 of his 40 Handguns in a Building, apparently giving them 360" LoS and hill bonuses, and the other side featured his cannons, Hellblaster, Stank, and Knights. I deployed the majority of my forces on this other side with the Warmachines, hoping to take the Handguns out of the game entirely. Also, due to a complete lack of hills, the RBTs were basically out of action all game, unless I chose to deploy them opposite a pair of Cannons who could see across the bridge.

Due to a lot of botched stupid tests, my CoCs and CoKs all found themselves within nice shooting arcs of all the Warmachines and were either wiped out or routed into the woods. I was also a bit ambitious with the Dragon in attempting to panic his Warmachine crews again, but as he split them up this time, I couldn't nail as many as I wanted. The Harpies nailed the Hellblaster crew right quick (Q: shouldn't that have killed the Hellblaster?), but they got terrorized by the Stank and flew off. Meanwhile the Dragon got the living crud shot out of him when a cannon crew ran off to re-gun the Hellblaster () and pumped out 28 shots at close range. After my assault units (and expensive units!) were all blunted, I gave up because I had lost too much and gotten squat in return.

Game 3:
To my eventual delight (and bittersweet chagrin), it appears that the terrain setup last game was illegal, and the guy I played my third game against insisted setting up terrain by-the-book. Which was a good exercise of rules for me because this guy has played in tournaments before and I had not. The setup was basically similar to the first table, only there were no hills and the bridge remained in the center because it was sorta' built into the table, and there was nothing we could do about it.

The third game was played against 2 Battle Wizards (one with a super-scroll that could destroy a spell; he got soooo angry when all I had to use it on was a Scroll Caddy w/ Chillwind...) a Hellblaster (plus Master Engineer), 20 Knights, 20 Huntsmen, a "Templar Grand Master" (whatever that is...), a 15-block of Spears, 10 Halberdiers, and 2 blocks of 20 Swords. He also gave one of his Swordsmen blocks the ItP banner, and I think he said that he gave his Spears the Griffon Standard.

He deployed really smart, though if it weren't for his Hellblaster, I felt I had nothing to fear from his army. In his mind, Empire Knights' claim to fame was that they were incredibly cheap for a 1+ sv cavalry unit. However, in my own mind, I recognized that DE shooting isn't meant to kill. Merely annoy. It's like using titanium to deflect bananas.

His Hellblaster was in the center, as were my RxB elves, who again deployed 11.5" inward. The CoKs were on the left, hiding behind a building (where the Scroll Caddy hid behind) and were basically on their own, counting on their higher Ld to keep from going stupid. On the other side, the epic setup pit the Dragon and the Templar Grand Master across from one another, albeit with some trees to block the HBVG's interference. Also, the RBTs were over there, as were two of three Dark Riders, the Harpies, and both Chariots.

He won first turn, but that didn't help him too much as he basically scooted around. In my round, the CoKs go stupid on turn 1 and blunder forward. Woo, I wasn't really anxious to get into hellblaster range anyway... Next, I try to bait his Knights with my Dark Riders, but he doesn't fall for it. I leapfrog the Dragon off to a forward flank, but I don't expect much at first. I declare a charge with the CoC on his Swordsmen, knowing I was clearly out of range, but he revealed his Psych-proof banner on them. So I failed the charge. Big deal, as I was gonna' move that direction anyway. (We later reasoned that Fear doesn't apply on failed charges, which I can use against any Chaos Daemon players who want to be rules lawyersy like that, which was my sinister motive to that maneuver all along.) My shooting from RBTs was effective enough, wiping out his Outriders, as he learned the important lesson that Cavalry can't occupy buildings and claim a -3 to hit. Saved my Dragon a lot of hassle.

He never did bite the Dark Rider bait with his Knights. Meh, more shooting for me. Instead, he tried to maneuver around to cut them off, but his units moved at turtle-speed and thus were completely unable of pulling that off effectively. He did cut off the battlefield with his footblocks, but I didn't mind as all the big points were on the side with my Dragon. The Huntsmen came out of the woods, trying to shoot at the CoKs on the left and the Dragon on the right, and both doing nothing. He did dust the unit of Dark Riders that tried to bait his normal Knights, but that was the only hard blow. As for me, I maneuvered a bit more. I snuck some Dark Riders up behind some woods for flank-charging goodness, I got the Dragon behind his Knights, and one of my Chariots goes nutty. The CoKs on the opposite flank carefully creeped up, ready to flank charge the Knights, but trying to keep out of Hellblaster range. I tried to use the Harpies to magewhack the Battle Wizard hiding in the Swordsmen, but I only got a wound there. (Stupid WS3...) They later promptly broke. (Stupid unmodifiable Ld6...) The other Dark Riders did some shifting around, trying to maneuver so that if the Knights charged them, they wouldn't get stuck in the woods. The peashooting that ensued later was of virtually no discernable effect. Dragonbreath on the Swordsmen killed a couple. The only shooting that really mattered was whacking a couple of the Templar Knights.

Next turn, the Templar Knights finally bit, charging the Dark Riders only for them to run. Whee! The Huntsmen tried to arrow up my Dark Riders, but failed to do anything. The other Huntsmen tried to go for my CoKs, but also did nothing. The Hellblaster crew's Engineer used a Pigeonbomb on my RxB Elves, knocking out a good 5 and sending them running into the woods (where they promptly rallied, of course). The Knights then had free reign to head for the rest of my squishy RxB elves. That was pretty much the only thing of consequence to happen that turn. My next turn was fun as one of my CoCs charged the Knights to the front (while the other CoC went dumb and failed to charge the Swordsmen) and the Dragon whacked the rear of the Knights. The CoKs charged into some Spearmen on the other side, figuring that I couldn't get the Knights into charge range because I had kept them so far back. The Dark Riders on the far flank tried to charge the Swordsmen, but I forgot that you can't pivot twice in the same charge, even for fastcav, so that wound up short. The Harpies actually rallied (yay!) and basically hid for the rest of the game, as four Harpies couldn't magehunt effectively anymore. The CoKs who charged the spears ended up rubberlancing () but they stuck around with their impressive Leadership. But more importantly that turn, for all my opponent's boasting about the uberness of his Templar Grand Master, who knocked 2 wounds off the chariot mind you, the poor guy ended up getting his unit mulched and he broke in the face of overwhelmingly-biased CR. He then got cut down, but my Dragon didn't quite overrun far enough...

Next turn, the Hellblaster crew caught the Dragon right in their sweet spot, and with a 30-shot misfire no less, knocking out my Highborn and doing a nail-biting 5 wounds to the Dragon. The ensuing Monster Reaction was botched, but the Dragon only went stupid. (My opponent then went to go on that DE Dragons were broken for being monsters of that caliber with Ld8.) Fortunately for me though, the 30-shot misfire also spelled the end for the Hellblaster, and the Dragon in battered, bloodied, Mick-Foley-esque fasion, was still standing. Also though the Huntsmen charged my Dark Riders who failed their charge last time. The DR's blew it and fell right off the board. That was pretty bad. The un-led Knights moved up to try and nail the Crossbows next turn. The other Huntsmen charged the flank of my rubberlance CoKs, knocked out two (ouch!) and the CoK's broke. They got away just fine, which was actually better off.

In my following round, the Dragon passed stupid and went to support the RXB elves. The firepower from the standing RxB Elves, the RxB Elves who ralled and came to the edge of the woods, the RBTs and the Breath Weapon killed 9 of 10 of those Knights, and the remaining one panicked. Nice!

After that, the game pretty much went downhill for the other guy. He secured the other half of the board alright (barring the RBTs still opposite them) but the other half of the board was levelled by the remaining CoKs, RxBs, the Dragon's breath attacks, and the Dark Riders. In the end, I had won the game by exactly 300 pts.

My favorite quote from this game:
DE: Cold One Knights attack Spearelves, hitting on 3s-
Empire: Whoa, whoa, wait a sec, my Spears are WS4. What's your Knights' WS?
DE: Five.
Empire: No, no, not the Noble, smart[guy]. The Knights.
DE: ...Five.