Heya all,

Let's start with explaining why I posted this. I played eldar pretty long and recently played a map based campaign with them with a few friends. That campaign is ended already and a new campaign is coming and I recently noticed Black Templar and Marines in general, which I think are really cool. So my questions are:
1) Are there any must-knows? (like: cyber gretchin won't work most of the time )
2) Does anybody have nice tactical tips for me?
3) Are Black Templar more fun to play (against) than regular marines?

The problem is that Templar are overall cooler, with bolter and close combat weapon marines and the Emperor Champion, But normal marines have the whirlwind (which is cool) and the librarian. (I like psykers)

So anyone willing to help?

PS: I thought the tactics forum was the right spot for it, since I am asking mostly for tactics.