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Thread: Formula One Debauchery and Craziness (and love of sport)

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    Formula One Debauchery and Craziness (and love of sport)

    Anyone an F1 fan?

    Well, I've been since it was on ESPN from years ago, but I still enjoy it.

    Though the likeness of Jean Alesi for me will be missed (mesmerized by his driving style) for me as my favorite driver, and don't really have anyone to peanut gallery for,

    History was set yesterday. A Pole was on Pole Position for the first time ever. I'll have to re-watch the Bahrain GP, but it looked exciting.

    F1rejects-dot-com is a pretty good site. Anyone agree that this may be another fiasco of the 2007 season? Let's hope not.

    In short, some context from the writers of that site-

    1) 2007 showed two extremely ugly sides of two-time champion Fernando Alonso (Spanish) and star rookie Lewis Hamilton (English).

    In essence, it showed the vanity and "I'm no team player" of Alonso, and the degenerative and mean behavior of Hamilton, some even caught on camera. The site writers (who are Australian) commented something like, "It seemed, at times, as if Hamilton's only fan-base and support were British fans, more out of patriotism/nationalism for the UK and being unable to see his actual, terrible, immature behavior."

    I sincerely hope that this is not another 2007. Where, thankfully, a young Finn named Kimi Raikonnen pipped both Alonso and Hamilton, amid their extreme bickering, which degenerated McLaren's fighting chances to win the championship. Also as a result, McLaren's constructor's results were excluded for being caught cheating (I think illegal possession of Ferrari team telemetric data.)

    This reminds me of Benetton in 1994 with the ignore-the-black-flag at Silverstone, the fuel-filter malfunction fire at Hockenheim that could have killed Jos Verstappen, and the black-box/launch-control device illegally installed in the car, where the championship was, IMO, wrongfully decided amid rule disputes (where Williams *was* playing fair and Senna's death was due to a non-purposeful fault in the FW16's engineering) and Schumacher deliberately crashing into Damon Hill's Williams after he hit the wall in a pure driver error in Adelaide was unscrupulous.

    Though by no doubt talented, I also lost what little respect I had for Schumi after his conduct on the podium at 1994 San Marino (which can be seen on YouTube), amid Senna's death (where you can tell that Nicola Larini knows of what happened, and that Berger, being a personal friend of Senna's, withdrew in the middle of the race out of sportsmanship upon hearing such dreadful news. That race should have been cancelled anyway, after Roland Ratzenberger's death in practice.)

    He tried that again against Jacques Villenuve later, and (thankfully) failed miserably, and was even excluded from that season's results.

    All in all, I hope that the year is entertaining. It seems promising early on based on the results, despite the fact of the Max Mosley's sex scandal (prostitution, I think...) and that Bernie Eckelstone wants a night race. (??)

    Ferrari looks extremely strong again, with good finishes, and a potential 1-2 earlier, though Massa threw that away with a driver-error into the kitty litter (my favorite team- though the peanut gallerying for Schumacher was never done, my least favorite driver was driving for my favorite team,) and I like both Raikonnen (very quiet spoken) and Massa (also seems to not talk much). McLaren looks competitive, and BMW-Sauber looks like a surge for the year to come, with not only impressive results, but high qualifying performances.

    And to think, that Heidfeld was at once on Prost (aka Peugeot, aka Ligier) and was Alesi's teammate. Man, how times change.

    In closing, I enjoy the removal of the driver aids and traction control. Finally, on the in-car camera shots, the drivers look like they are having steering issues and challenges. It looks like the 90s again, which were great years.

    If you want to see what I mean by "steering challenges" and just challenge in general, YouTube in the search engine- "Nigel Mansell Onboard Monaco" (1991 race) and watch the video, courtesy of F1Archives. That is *serious* wheelspin at the start and you can clearly see his struggles to control the car. That, and the camera shaking. Absolutely stellar.

    I honestly think that if you put drivers such as Alesi, Berger, Mansell, Prost, etc. Paul Belmondo, and Olivier Grouillard (those last two ones were a joke - though by no means disrespect- getting into F1 if you don't have the $$$ signs is a MAJOR accomplishment in itself,) in their primes and in the cars of today, that they would eat the younger competition alive.

    "The boot is on the other Schumacher!" -I heard Murray Walker do this in a YouTube video. What the *hell* did that guy say at times? Some of those lines are akin to "Bush"isms ("Neither in French, nor in English, nor in Mexican." -refusing to answer press reporters' questions in a photo with the Canadian Prime Minister, April, 2001 -one example, which was obtained from my "Countdown to Out of Office 2009" calendar), where you wonder what was being said.

    The best was his reaction (can be written as "ORRRRAAAAUGGGHHHH!!!!!") when Coulthard crashed into the pit wall in Adelade, 1995. D.C said there was a lot of oil on the track (in the pit lane entrance? That's like a fire underwater), but I don't think anyone bought that story.

    Anyway, to close, it looks promising. But there are still those doubts I have over 2007, which was NOT a fun season to watch. Thoughts?
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