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Thread: True Scale Pre-Heresy Death Guard

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    True Scale Pre-Heresy Death Guard

    UPDATE August 15th:

    On Page Four


    Inspired by Synapse, I decided to realise a life-long dream and make a small army of Pre Heresy Death Guard using the same true-scale technique.

    Here is some of the artwork I hope to emulate in my True Scale Death Guard.

    Wow... what can you say? It's just an awesome piece of artwork. I'm not ambitious, skilled or hardworking enough to attempt a true-scale Mortarion though; the closest I plan for is a Captain in Iron Armour with the same Dark Gold/Bronze armour with laquered off-white sections on it.

    Again, an awesome piece. These are the Deathshroud, Mortarion's bodyguard. I really like that this keeps the DG imagry, but pulls away from the plain-jane style they are usually depicted as. The red cloth against the off-white and Death-Guard-Green looks awesome, no? I'll likely be basing the imagry of my Astartes off of these two gentlemen.

    Model pics in next post (damn four pic limit...)
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