It's been a while since I posted here on Warseer so I figured it's time to start a new army (No pointing out the obvious here about my unfinished logs please...I am trying to get back into the swing of things....honest! ).

The Mantis Warriors

The Mantis Warriors are possibley one of my all time favourite Chapters. For those that are not in the know they were involved in the Badab war and chose the wrong side. For their part in the rebellion they were forced to forfeit their homeworld and embark on a hundred year penitence crusade, a crusade that in the current timeline is drawing to an end.

A while back I developed a thing for Battle of Macragge snap-fix marines and tried to put together an army of Space Sharks but soon lost interest. I recently came across these marines and decided that I'd have a bash at remaking them in the image of the Mantis Warriors. Most of my marines have been predominantly dark colours in the past and I've been itching to try something more colourful for a change of pace so redoing my Mantis Warriors army seemed like an ideal solution.

The impression I've always gotten with Macragge marines is that people don't really like them. Maybe it's the limited pose, the smaller size but generally they seem to be a last resort in players armies which is a shame as they are really nice minis once you play around with them a bit and dirt cheap.
I've heard rumours that the new 40k starter set will include marines that are rescupts of these guys in which case I'll definately be getting some of them to use along with the snap-fix dreadnaught and terminators to accompany the force.

WIP Third Company Captain

This guy is made from the missle launcher marine from the BoM set. I removed the head and missiles replacing the helmet with one of the bare heads from the Dark Angels sprue and removed the hair. The sword is from a terminator sergeant and the storm bolter from commander sprue.

WIP First Squad

I've got around fourty or fifty marines lying about in my bits box, twenty or so of which have had their helmets replaced with the Forge World Mk IV helmets. I'll be painting these with Goblin Green like these test minis below.
If I can get the incentive to get an army done of these guys then I'm aiming for an all snap-fix force, except the vehicles of course (I seriously want a Vindicator!).
The aim is to get together a table top standard army so that I can start gaming again in time for 5th ed.
I'm limiting the pallette to five main colours, green, yellow, black, gold and red. The squad markings will be in yellow.
I'm sticking to a desert base colour to make the green pop out.

Test Standard BoM Marine

This just a basic BoM marine with very little conversion work. It's the flamer guy with a simple weapon swop, simpley because as far the models go this is the best tactical in the set and the one I'm most reluctant to convert.
This guy is just a test to see if they will fit in with the other Mk IV conversions.