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    Re: Super heavy army group

    since i have lost my passwords on photobucket and some other photosites, and my photocamera is slowly dying(2 pics and the battery is dead) i was done.

    i started doing some progress vids on video. its a new thing for me been doing it since april this year, and im not very good at filming, but at least you can see the details etc and if people are interested:

    my ''corelian''superheavy army group,
    my ''core'' spacemarine chapter.,
    my ''iron deamons'' chaos/deamonengine,s warcult.
    and my ''hivefleet ghoul'' tyranid swarm.

    will all be featured over there from now on.

    and no i won,t be leaving here, this site and wip has brought me a lot.
    if people wanna discuss things they can do it over here as well.(so people with or without youtube account can do as they please).

    and of course an example of this.

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    wanna see a superheavy army group with 20 baneblades and 5 heavy tanks???
    click this:

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