I'm about to start a Rotters team for a league, and am wondering, with Decay and Regeneration together, do you have to roll the 4+ (for Regen) for both injuries you suffer?
Or is it once for "being a casualty" to ignore both?

For the team, so far I'm thinking:

Option 1.
5 Rotters - 200k
1 Pestigor - 80k
4 Warriors - 440k
1 Beast - 140k
3 Rerolls - 210k
30k spent on FF/AC/CL or left for cash as chosen

Option 2.
5 Rotters - 240k
3 Pestigors - 240k
3 Warriors - 330k
3 Rerolls - 210k
20k spent on FF/AC/CL or left for cash as chosen

Option 3.
5 Rotters - 200k
4 Pestigors - 320k
2 Warriors - 220k
3 Rerolls - 210k
50k left to either buy another Rotter (maybe?) or save for a Beast

For skills i was thinking Wrestle, then Fend for the Rotters.
For the Warriors Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Claws.
Pestigors I'd probably get one with Sure Hands, Foul Appearance and either or eventually both of Big Hand and Extra Arm.
The rest with Block then Disturbing Presence.
Beast all i can think of is Block and Multiple Block.

Any advice on starting teams and possible skill progression would be much appreciated!