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Thread: Silverstu's bag of stuff-it's my bag baby!

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    Re: Silverstu's bag of stuff-it's my bag baby!

    Quote Originally Posted by Doi View Post
    I know that feeling .

    Excellent stuff mate, love the ghouls.

    Cheers! I think I may have caved into the snow base addiction again...

    Quote Originally Posted by tcmainprize View Post
    Superb undead models. The contrast between the icy pale blue cloth and the rusty armour and weapons is really striking. The winter basing sets them off to a tee. Keep up the good work!
    Thanks! Will do!

    So.. I have been painting but not getting too much finished and then I saw the Kharadron Overlords models... After I got over my initial shock [which required two breakfasts..] I'm totally smitten. Handily they will roughly coincide with my birthday so guilt free buying ahoy! However I've decided I need to clear the decks and get some of my half done models finished. So to start that process heres a few updates.

    Did a spirit host from the Start Collecting Malignants-

    I had a Neurothrope almost finished so naturally I started painting my other 3rd ed Zoanthrope...

    With his mate..

    First up to be finished is a half squad of guardians I put together from my bits box, wanted to get the scheme settled so I can the rest of the eldar forces finished up.

    The plan is to get the 6 guardians finished and 5 space hulk stealers. There are 5 dwarfs after that and 6 space hulk terminators plus 4 jet bikes ..and then maybe the zoey's..fingers crossed anyway..
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