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Agreed with Doi - the carapace on the Nids is fantastic The scheme as a whole works very well too.

I'm liking the Kharadon Overlords as well - intrigued to see what the airships look like
Cheers Arhalien! The Nids are going well - pretty pleased with the first hive guard. No ships for the Kharadrons yet - I wanted to be happy with their scheme before I went forward with them. Pretty happy with it now and I've bought a few more so there should be some progress on them soon. Heres a bad pic with how my first company is looking.. [sorry for the crappy phone pic.. struggling with my actual camera..]

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What are you trying to say?

Hive Guard looks ace! I really love the armour plates.

Cheers! They worked out well! I have to get my camera going and get a proper update- a good few Nids done and not shown, the Kharadrons are moved on a but and I'm pretty pleased with how they are going [more celestra grey in the scheme works] and with Malign Portents incoming my undead have made a reappearance ..