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Thread: Undivided Daemons with Bloodthirster

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    Undivided Daemons with Bloodthirster

    So, what do you think of this list?

    Firestorm blade
    immortal fury
    obsidian armour

    Herald of Nurgle
    Noxious Vapours
    Slime trail
    Standard of Sundering

    The Masque

    20 plaguebearers
    Full command
    Standard of Seeping Decay

    10 daemonettes

    10 bloodletters

    6 furies

    5 fleshounds

    5 fleshhounds

    6 flamers

    This comes out to 2097. To take it down to 2000 do you think I should drop the masque and a plaguebearer, or the furies and 2 plaguebearers?
    To take it up to 2250 what do you think I should add? I thought about bloodcrushers but they just seem too fragile and not hitty enough. Perhaps beefing up the bloodletters to a proper block with command?

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