Lately real life has been a downer. My cousin and best friend passed away in the beginning of April. It had just sucked my hobby right out of me, as we were gaming buds too.

He was always into off of the beaten path wargames and was really fired up about Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear game. They have a new edition coming out and he was buggin' me to dig out my old minis so we could give it a spin. I always liked HG but focused on more mainstream games like FOW and the GW ones.

So I've decided to jump right back into the new Heavy Gear game and build armies as a homage to my Cuz.

To those unfamiliar with the game and setting, Heavy Gear is a Sci-Fi game with a focus on "Heavy Gears" they are roughly 15 foot tall armored suits that bridge the gap between conventional infantry and armored vehicles. Heavy Gears make up about half of each army list, the other half is filled with Tanks/AFV's, Infantry, Artillery and Aircraft. Here is the DP9 site in case anyone wants more info.

HG is 1/144 scale so the infantry are 12mm tall. Here is a pic from one of the HG books to show some scale.

Here is the test model for my Northern Guard army. It's a Jaguar gear for my Strike Cadre. It is one of five models I hadn't build during my previous HG gaming, all pre-Blitz resculpt. (the newer models are fantastic!) Another Jaguar, a Hunter, an Assault Grizzly and a Kodiak will join him. (Oh how I love Kodiak gears!).