Hello everyone.

A situation came up in a previous battle and I wanted to ask the input of the wise Warseer rules-folks on it.

SITUATION: A Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin (50-mm base) has cast Miasma of Pestilence on itself in its Magic Phase. It is in combat (having charged) with a unit of enemy Grave Guard in the Flank.

It is in a unit of 6-wide Plaguebearers so the formation for the front-line of the Daemons is:

X= Plaguebearer, H= Herald on Palanquin


Now...at the start of the combat round, the Herald's unit is in base-to-base contact with 4 Grave Guards. The Herald himself is in base-to-base contact with 4 of those Guards as shown here:

X = Plaguebearer, H= Herald on Palanquin, O = Grave Guards



Now...the Herald goes to make his attacks...and with the Miasma in effect, the WS/STR/Toughness/INIT/ and Number of Attacks for the enemy Grave Guards are all reduced to "1". So the Herald has a great opportunity to cause some big carnage....or does he ?

I was ready to make my attacks, which would have hit on 3+ and Wounded on 2+ given the Miasma's effect...but my opponent disagreed.

He claimed that while those numbers for to-hit and to-wound were accurate, the MOST models I could POSSIBLY get to kill with those enhanced rolls were the original 4 I was in base-to-base contact with.

Thus, even though the Herald has 3 Attacks and his Palanquin a further 6....he was saying the MOST models I would be able to attack with them being WS-1, STR-1, TOUGH-1, etc. were the original 4 the Herald was in contact with when the combat began.

I don't think we played that right though. Under normal circumstances, when you kill a model, the rules say that remaining models are assumed to charge up and fill the holes, thus allowing you to kill more models than are in the front-rank of a unit, with any units given attacks.

Using this "logic"/wording ...I felt that the additional Grave Guards who were "charging up to fill the holes" caused by their friends being cut down would ALSO become affected by the Herald's Miasma spell since they would, at that time, be in contact with the Herald's base and thus subject to the spell, as well as still being valid casualty targets for the rest of the Herald's attacks.


What do you guys think ? Can a Herald in the situation I showed above, with Miasma active....get to kill MORE enemy models at the favorable Miasma-reduced-stats than JUST the few he "starts" in base-to-base contact with at the beginning of the combat round ?

* this is also for the Plaguebearers he is with that are in contact with some of those same enemy models which are ALSO in contact with the Herald and thus would get their stats reduced - Basically the total POSSIBLE attacks from that unit of Plaguebearers + Herald's front-rank was 3 for the Herald, plus 6 for the Palanquin, plus 4 for the standard Plaguebearers.

A total of 13 attacks then. My overall point was...assuming PERFECT rolls by me...I should be able to kill UP-TO 13 enemy Grave Guards, rolling with them as WS-1, STR-1, TOUGH-1, INIT-1, Attacks-1 ....because of the Miasma affecting them in base-to-base at the start of the combat....and because you are normally able to kill more models than are initially touching you, as the game assumes the rest move up to take the place of the fallen...and in doing so (in this case) they would keep coming in contact with the Heralds' big base and thus be afflicted by Miasma of Pestilence the same as the ones that were "initially" in B2B with the Herald *