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    New Citadel Painting Guide

    Although this does not specifically apply to 40k, it does have a significance to painters (such as me), and effectively, how cool and awesome ur model looks.
    Also the following info is confirmed ( i do not mean that the book is confirmed, but the info that is below is confirmed). I have seen the new painting guide myself (from a GW staffmember), and its very interesting....
    Of course the layout has changed, and included the old guide, but lots of new stuff has come out
    These include: -A painting Guide for basically every colour (this includes different types of skin tone, different types of metal etc.)
    - Updated detailed guide for painting specific miniatures (If i do remember correctly Space Marines are included inside)
    - Updated way of doing the old technique (such as washing, overbrushing, drybrushing...)
    - This is a bit over 100 pages
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