First of all I would like to apologize to anyone expecting a thread about me building a Forge world Thunderhawk; that is not what I will be doing. Neither will I be scratch building a Thunderhawk. What I have in mind could probably best be described as "kit bashing".

I guess some explanation is in order... Ever since I started playing Warhammer 40k and Space Marines I've been wanting to get a Thunderhawk for my chapter. The problem is that I do not really like the Forgeworld version. (Even if I could afford it.) While trying to think of a better way to design it I came across some pictures of the Battlefleet Gothic ships and realized that was the look I wanted. When, a while ago, the Cities of Death kits where released I saw that those would be perfect as a start of my ship, giving it a suitably gothic feel.

A few months ago I finally got the money and motivation and bought an Imperial Sector. After a few weeks of playing around with different ideas for the design, especially the weapon placements and how to make the characteristic "prow", I finally came up with something that I like the look of, and that should be possible to make. I've managed to make a mock-up of the prow, using foamboard and paper, that I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to reproduce in plasticard.

My drawing skills are somewhat limited, but I've added a sketch I made. Hopefully it will be easier to understand than my rambling...

(Please note that I've changed a few details from when this was made.)

During a day that was far too hot to actually do anything useful, I looked through the bits for the Thunder Hawk, to check that I had everything I'd need.

Anyway, here's a layout of the bits I'll be using, including the paper mock-up of the prow. (and a Guardsman for scale)

I've also after much searching found an online supplier where I could get the plasticard types that my local hobby shop could not be bothered to help me get:

Earlier today I handed in my 15 page art history assignment and had my religions exam, so as of today my summer holiday has officially started. That means that between a couple of trips to visit parents and such I will have several weeks at home with absolutely nothing to do, apart from working on this (and playing computer games).

I'm intending to have this built and painted by the end of the summer, ready to kick some serious *** in Apocalypse.

Any comments, questions or such will be greatly appreciated.
(I'll probably also need some motivation before this is all over )