Long time lurker, first time poster and all that.
I think that there are no pictures of the new minis, so I thought I could contribute to the forum.


Edit. I forgot that not everyone can read spanish
The first picture is of the "basic" kit. You can use it for your wolf guard or mix it with the rest of SM line to get BC, LF, GH and scouts. You can assemble 10 minis. It contains 44 heads, 28 shoulder pads, arms and weapons for the wolf scouts, thunder hammers, wolf claws, pelts, plasma guns and pistols, and a variety of SW specific accesories like knives, wolf tails, etc.
The second picture is Canis Wolfborn. Amazing rider, not so keen on the wolf.
The third depicts the WG terminators. An excellent kit containing storm bolters, assault cannon, heavy flamer, chainsaw, power fists, power swords, frostblade? frost axe? (don't know the englist word name) 4 pairs of wolf claws and 4 pairs of thunder hammers and storm shields. And all that for the same price of a SM terminator squad. Hope it isn't a typo.
The forth photo is of Njal Stormcaller.
And in the last we can see the already known wolf guard with wolf claws and Lukas el Tramposo (I think this is the Loki character)