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Thread: Priory Angels 6th Company

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    Priory Angels 6th Company

    I had positive feedback on my 5th company (which I am currently working on), but figured I'd do another log to go along with my 6th Company. Something always appealed to me about 100 Bolters. They are already all built and primed which is a big jump on where I am on my 5th co., but I will not be using a unified color scheme for these guys.

    The fluff for my army is Chaplain heavy and they often bring new SM's into the fold. These guys may have been separated from their chapter and stranded, or some such thing. For me, it's a way to paint different chapters up to see how I like them, and to break up the monotony of painting my chapter standard.

    So to bring you up to speed, here is a shot of the company, without the command section:

    Although I haven't designated squads, per the lines shown above here is a member of the first squad, taken from a loyalist Emperor's Children squad.

    And here, is a Dark Angel. Who knows what these guys are up to....did he join because he was lost, or do they suspect members of the fallen in the Priory? Only time will tell

    The red chevron is a symbol of the Priory Angels. Although many of them use Templar Iconography, most inducted Marines will have the symbol somewhere to show their new allegiance.

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    Re: Priory Angels 6th Company

    Good idea. I know I usually get bored of painting the same scheme so to have recruits from other chapters means you can make the most out of all your paints available.

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    Re: Priory Angels 6th Company

    4 years later? Yep, still workin' on these guys. Here's a few pics of camo squads.
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    Re: Priory Angels 6th Company

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sergeant 6th Company, First Squad.

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    Re: Priory Angels 6th Company

    6th Company, 1st Squad
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