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    To and Back - ExoCowboy's 40K Log

    Hi all.

    I am currently doing too many projects considering painting, but why not start one more? Something for my Inquisitor to hunt, perhaps?

    The idea is to redo my 1000pts Word Bearers, with a new armylist composition and a new scheme (and maybe motivate the other WB guy, Mirakel_Jocke to do some more stuff ). The scheme is brightly highlighted dark red, with black trims.

    Herer you can see the scheme, with the first WIP shot of the possessed marine. Some conversions and my second attempt to do anything bigger from green stuff (the eye on his forehead), he looks possessed all right. I am also pleased with the gray skin, havent ever before painted that (still needs some highlighting/blending), but I am not sure whether or not all the models will get that, or just the possessed and the obliterator.

    The first possessed WIP:
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