I am new to this posting stuff, so I apologize if I am using the wrong colors.

Anyway, I got bored waiting for the new Guard codex to come out so I made one. I attached it to this thread because it was too long to fit. Thanks in advance for anyone who reads the whole thing. Let me know what you think. I made some pretty huge changes to some of the stats and units.

Goals of the new Imperial Guard codex:
  • Increase Numbers: To a Guard player, the only thing that matters is wave upon wave of troops and/or vehicles. Therefore, platoons ought to be used instead of squads, and vehicle squadrons instead of vehicles. This also has the benefit of allowing a Guard player to field 2,000 points on the battlefield. (I use my entire force organization chart by 1,750 pts).
  • Simplify and limit Advisors and command squads: this ensures more guardsmen on the battlefield rather than cramming all one’s points into only a few powerhouse guardsmen (I’ve seen a 10 man guardsman squad cost 500pts due to heavily equipped advisors).
  • Eliminate doctrines: I have taken the 35 possible Imperial Guard doctrines and added 9 new ones. Then with a few simple changes, I eliminated every doctrine without eliminating any the options Guard players had with them.
  • Simplified Vehicles: In the previous codex, there were 6 types of Vehicles with 6 different stat lines to memorize. I included 13 types of vehicles but simplified them in such a way that the player need only remember 4 vehicle stat-lines.
  • Simplify Troops: in the previous codex, there were 18 different troop-type stat-lines listed. I have increased the variety of available troop-types but simplified them in such a way that the player need only remember 6 troop-type stat-lines.
  • Simplify Guard weapons: not only does this help distinguish the Imperial Guard from other Imperial armies (particularly Space Marines), it greatly simplified the Imperial Guard codex. There were 25 weapon stat-lines to memorize in the last codex. I simplified this to 15. Although eliminating these weapons simplified and clarified the Guard’s rules, the primary purpose of doing this was to improve the “theme” of the Guard.