Well as a few of you may know, I've recently pinched my grandads 200 camera and am using it for my own dastardly deeds [not really]. Which means that for a while my pictures will no longer be the blur fests they used to be.

Let's start with my space marines. There would be other stuff today but the cam ran out of battery [-.-]

First, two battlebrothers. these are two new ones [hence the better, thinner paint schemes.] They are also two of my favourite posed ones too.

These are three of my termies, they used to be those statue ones that all came with a single boring pose. But I wanted to make them look bigger/ more mobile so I had a little play around with poses. My mum says the Sarge looks like he's pole vaulting. I really need to add some bits to the bases.

Here's the other two, one has an assault cannon, the other...well...I don't know what he's doing.

And that's the colour scheme for them, with a few extra bits I did [battle damage, white stripes, the chapter symbol].

Also need to do some more detail to the aquillas and stuff on the terminators armour, looks very bland from the pictures.