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    Re: Rev's 'mostly marines' Showcase

    Slaanesh Noise marines
    This is a labour of love. Have you ever tried to make one of these noise marine hybrid kits? How about pinning and greenstuffing 22 of the buggers? What a pain - but all in all a really tasty fluffy themed army to play with. I love the claws on the possessed land raider, reflecting its terminator cargo all armed with lightning claws. I love the rhinos which I've boxed out the rear ends of and turned into amplifiers, and the speakers for doors. All in all - thoroughly pleased and now they live in the Midlands!

    It's about 1500-1750 points depending on exact makeup.

    Saim Hann Eldar
    This army was to prove to my wife that spending a fortune on an airbrush was worthwhile! I rebased and re sprayed some of the Saim Hann Eldar in late 2011. They featured in the cabinets at warhammer world Dec 2011 - Feb 2012. With 20+ fire dragons and the same again of dire avengers this is a MEQ killing nightmare! Now living in California USA.

    The picture below was the first incarnation, but I since rebased and added 1500 points of footdar.

    Here is how they looked when they sat in warhammer world;

    Wolf Wing
    A commissioned 1500 point (ish) Wolf guard based wolf wing led by Logan Grimnar. Logan is converted from FW's commander Culln and a FW SW torso. The dual lightning claw battle leader gets Cullns bare head though. There is a spear casting Rune priest who can also double up as a lone wolf to vary the list. Interestingly everysingle one of the 24 wolf guard is armed uniquely to give a real sense of individuality to the force. It was really fun to do! Living in Norway.

    Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
    This has been a labour of love which I started long before the book was released (honest!). The assault marines use classic metal original RT jump packs from the 80's, as do the missile launchers in the dev squad. Little touches like these make me happy. The FW release of a contemptor was timely as was the Deimos rhinos so I had to chuck a few in for looks. There was only one librarian that looked badass enough to lead a legion of psykers, so Severin Loth becomes the Character of your choice from the book. I like to think of him as Arhiman ascendant. The bases are from Voodooworx and are painted to represent Tiscan streets, as chronologically I like to think of these guys as on the cusp of being attacked by those dasterdly wolves (see above). Living in Australia.

    Grey Knight Strike Force

    This is 10th complete army to feature on my log. Living in sunny CA in the USA, this army gave me an opportunity to challenge myself and try some new things. Black is always a tough one, tougher than it should be. I used the new GW formular of fang, fenris & russ to get a nice cool blue look. This was complemented by the glowing eyes and backpacks of the interceptors. I really improved my OSL by tackling this job. The swords too were new to me. I tried with an airbrush but actually found it easier to do them by hand in the end. It was quite a marathon! All in all a real joy. I'm not completely happy with the new GW system for gold so will revert to my normal method in future, but the bright hue does stay true to the original artwork. The Paladins and interceptors were highlights for me, I thoroughly enjoyed them. The Kasrkin were fun too, though metal isn't as fun as plastic these days.

    What a fun army! Using loads of bits from my box, chamion shouder pads, crusader helmets, Mk8 Torsos, running legs, fancy bolters, FW shoulder pads - it's all here! I really enjoyed building this army. The terminators in particular were great fun to put together.

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