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Thread: Rev's 'mostly marines' Showcase

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    Re: Rev's 'mostly marines' Showcase

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowphrakt View Post
    They are really cool, how long did it take you to paint them?

    And for once someone uses squatting legs with Jump packs and makes them look cool. Well Done.
    Thanks SP, glad you like. They took a while, but then I did them over a 3-4 month period with busy RL interfereing at times and minis taking a back seat. I recently did the extra 9 for the buyer and they took a week of focussed evening sessions.

    Quote Originally Posted by sartarius View Post
    rev your flesh tearers do look amazingly well, what other models will you be painting?
    Thanks Sart, I'm ust expaning my blood ravens force atm, pics to follow!

    Quote Originally Posted by bugbait_nz View Post
    Very nice, love your dark reds, is that a black wash over the red and then a red hilgt?

    Bugbait out
    Yeh its a dark red mix as the base with 3-4 layered highlights then a thin thin black ink (not badab - proper ink) wash over the top.

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