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Those Flesh Tearers still look awesome mate, cant wait to see more of your Blood Ravens.
Thanks again swifty, I've posted a few BR below, but you've seen them before perhaps. The good news is that the Librarian is now under the brush (inspired by BOLS rumours of new psychic powers!!) pics in a week or so maybe.

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Fantastic Flesh Tearers mate, i really like how you have painted them

Thanks DK - I'll try to remember to add a recipe to the first post. Remind me if I forget!

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Nice and gritty (visually, not texture). Gives a true sense of the dark, gothic feel of the 41st millenium.
Thanks Thor, that means a lot. It means that you've intepreted what I was aiming for with them and that really makes me pleased!!

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Wonderful looking Marines my Friend. Very dynamic and extremely life-like posses! I just hope there are more to come!
Perhaps there will be more flesh tearers... I'm chatting to the buyer at the moment with regards to possibly an apocalypse formation similar to the one in recent WD, and chapter master Seth!


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