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    Codex: Zombie Plague

    The threads in the other section got me thinking, dagnabbit, and this is what came out. Note, this hasn't been playtested, everything has come right out of my head and onto the page.

    Codex: Zombies
    by Simon Gillen (aka DeviantApostle)

    Special Rules

    Without Number: Any unit with the Without Number rule that is destroyed may re-enter the battle at the beginning of the next turn from your table edge.

    Mindless Predators: A Zombie army does not have to include a HQ choice from the army list.

    Regeneration: At the end of your turn, make a roll for each wound any model with regeneration has lost during the battle. On a 5+, the model regains that wound.

    Infectious: Any infantry or cavalry model killed in close combat by any model in the Zombie army will rise again as a regular zombie.

    Rusty Autogun R:12” S:3 AP:6 Type: Assault 2

    Old Autopistol R:12” S:3 AP:6 Type:Pistol


    Zombie Master
    Zombie Master Pts: 30 WS:3 BS:3 S:3 T:3 W:2 I:3 A:1 Ld:8 Sv.:5+

    Some psykers who have been infected by the Zombie Plague retain their own minds and gain some ability to control other Zombies.

    Weapons: Old Autopistol and Close Combat Weapon.
    Special Rules:
    The Master Commands: Psychic test in the shooting phase, target one unit of Zombies, unit gains Fleet of Foot until the end of the turn.


    Ghoul Pts:8 WS:3 BS:2 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:1 Ld:10 Sv:5+

    Ghouls, for some unknown reason, keep a small part of their brain as the Virus destroys their bodies. With a rudimentary sense of reason, these beings can perform simple actions like push buttons or point a gun at an enemy and pull the trigger or use crude bludgeoning weapons. They are also much faster than regular Zombies.

    Number/Squad: 5-20
    Weapons: One close combat weapon.
    Special Rules: Fearless, Feel No Pain, Fleet of Foot.
    Options: Ghouls may be given with a Rusty Autogun, Old Autopistol or a second close combat weapon at +2pts per model.


    Zombie Pts:2 WS:2 BS:0 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:2 A:1 Ld:10 Sv:-

    Individually, a Zombie isn’t much of a threat. They’re slow, cannot use weapons and don’t even have the cunning of a common animal. Collectively, however, there are few opponents that the swarm cannot eventually drag down.

    Number/Squad: 20-100.
    Weapons: Teeth, counts as having one close combat weapon.
    Special Rules: Fearless, Feel No Pain, Rage, Slow and Purposeful, Without Number

    Zombie Swarm
    Zombie Swarm Pts:8 WS:2 BS:0 S:3 T:3 W:4 I:2 A:4 Ld:10 Sv:-

    In close quarters, Zombies often form packs that are far more resilient than they are individually. However, this formation makes them more vulnerable to blast weapons.

    Number/Squad: 5-25.
    Weapons: Teeth, counts as having one close combat weapon.
    Special Rules: Fearless, Feel No Pain, Rage, Slow and Purposeful, Swarm, Without Number

    Fast Attack

    Zombie Tunnels
    Tunnel Mouth Pts:40 FA:12 SA:12 RA:12 BS:-

    Zombies may be mindless but the crushing weight of the swarm’s numbers may force them into the most unlikely places in search of fresh meat. Enemy commanders often mistake Zombie ambushes as signs of tactical thought or animal cunning, when in reality all they do is follow their noses.

    Special Rules:
    Immobile: Zombie Tunnels are Immobile and have no armament. A Tunnel Mouth is destroyed by any penetrating hit but ignores glancing hits.
    Zombie Tunnels are placed on the board in turn 1 as per the rules for Deep Strike. Units being brought back onto the table as per the ‘Without Number’ rule may deploy from the Tunnel Mouth as if disembarking from it. Any unit that is kept in reserve may deploy from the Tunnel Mouth in the same way.

    Zombie Dogs
    Zombie Swarm Pts:6 WS:3 BS:0 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:1 Ld:10 Sv:-

    Animals infected by the Virus become vicious and aggressive to the point of madness. Fortunately, they have a tendency to gnaw on their own flesh and bones, destroying themselves quickly.

    Number/Squad: 5-20.
    Weapons: Fangs, counts as having one close combat weapon.
    Special Rules: Fearless, Feel No Pain, Fleet of Foot, Furious Charge, Rage.

    Heavy Support

    Colossus Pts:40 WS:3 BS:0 S:6 T:6 W:3 I:2 A:1 Ld:10 Sv:-

    Sometimes the Virus infects a large mutant, or may even cause spontaneous mutation in several hosts causing them to fuse together. These beings, known as Colossi, shamble after their smaller brethren; enabling the swarm to batter through obstacles they might otherwise be unable to access.

    Number/Squad: 1-20
    Weapons: None, counts as having one close combat weapon.
    Special Rules: Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Feel No Pain, Monstrous Creature, Regeneration, Slow and Purposeful.
    Wargear: Large Fists, counts as having one close combat weapon.

    Comments, additions, etc. welcome.
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