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Thread: What size is the Baneblade?!?

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    What size is the Baneblade?!?

    To preface, this isnt an anti-GW post, more so a post regarding expectations.

    This weekend, the store I was at had an Armorcast Baneblade in their case, and I asked the store owner how it compared size wise to the new Baneblade. He said that the armorcast was a hair shorter in length, and that the new model was slightly wider.

    I was NOT impressed by the size of the tank. The box it comes in is huge, but the model itself...not so much. Maybe Im a victim of marketing or hype, but I was expecting to be bowled over by this model (I WAS thinking of possibly getting one eventually for my fledgling IG). I was expecting HUGE, especially because of the asking price, but Im thinking, "your kidding, right?" when I saw its diminutive size (Im used to Tamiya armor in 1/35th scale). I understand the detail, sculpting etc, but I'm thinking that if the GW model isnt much bigger than the Armorcast, the kit to me has lost it's luster. I was expecting something large enough to have structure points, someting to dwarf a Land Raider. Did I set myself up for dissapointment?

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the actual GW kit? Is the shopkeep right?
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    Re: What size is the Baneblade?!?

    Letsee. First, the box is so big because there are so many sprues. The finished model by itself may not be as big as everyone thinks, but there is a lot of detail and a lot of plastic they give you some extra parts (like the Hellhammer cannon variant)

    I will agree that it's smaller than it seems, but any bigger may just be on the edge of rediculous.

    Actual dimensions: About 9.5" long from the front of the tracks to the fuel tanks. About 5.5" wide from track guard to track guard, add roughly 2" to that to include the side-sponsons. And give it about 4.5" height clearance give or take depending on how you model the crewmen on top.
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    Re: What size is the Baneblade?!?

    Well, a Predator tank is what... 25 now?

    The Baneblade is 60

    The 'blade is, according to my very accurate and precise methods of measuring [read: placing the Predator on top and roughly guessing], 1.75 times the height and 3 times the area of a Predator.

    So, in effect, you're getting more bang for your buck :P
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    Re: What size is the Baneblade?!?

    I believe the GW Baneblade is slightly larger than the FW one, so it's the largest Baneblade you can get, well unless you kit-bash one for yourself.

    I have 2 GW ones and they're great models, and they're large enough for me to not feel let down by them, and if they were any bigger they'd be a pain to use in-game...well on some of the boards I play on.
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    Re: What size is the Baneblade?!?

    A Baneblade is HUGE! It dwarfs any current tank in 1/35 scale and it is only in (nominally) 1/48 scale.

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    Re: What size is the Baneblade?!?

    GW models are already rather large for their ranges, movement rates etc. After all, a baneblade can only move 2/3rds of it's length in a turn!

    For comparison, the baneblade is larger relative to its box that the Tamiya 1:35 armour I've bought.
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    Re: What size is the Baneblade?!?

    Sit it next to a Rhino or Leman Russ, its BIG!
    No complaints from me about its size.
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    Re: What size is the Baneblade?!?

    Here is a comparison to the GI Joe MOBAT.

    The converted Baneblade may end up on eBay.

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