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Thread: A 40k project log (Easternheretic's Peach Blossom Isle)

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    A 40k project log (Easternheretic's Peach Blossom Isle)

    Yet another project log with 40K and Malifaux! (Eldar, Tyranids, Orks & The Neverborn)

    Latest updates:
    Painted Malifaux Lilitu, Doppleganger and Insidious Madness. Painted Dreadknight Conversion. (05/01/2012) page 14 post 268
    Painted Malifaux Waldgiest, Pandora, Candy, Baby Kade and Avatar Candy. WIP Lilith Avatar of Natures Malevolence(05/01/2012)page 14 post 267
    Painted Dagon Overlord Hive Tyrant conversion & Completed Dreadkngiht conversion. (04/12/2011) page 14 post 262
    WIP Eldar Grav Tanks x8 and completed Tyranid Hive Tyrant conversion (Dagon Overlord)page 13 post 238
    Painted Malifaux Sorrows x3, Nightmare Edition Teddy & Dreadfleet Grimnir's Thunder. (04/11/2011)page 13 post 237
    Painted Malifaux Lilitu and Desperate Mercenary. (04/10/2011)
    page 13 post 255
    Painted Malifaux Nekima the Dark Sibling. (04/10/2011)page 13 post 254
    WIP Malifaux models Pandora and her crew and a converted Tech marine for 40K. (29/09/2011) page 13 post 251
    WIP Malifaux models Desperate Merc, Nekima and Lilitu. (19/09/2011)page 13 post 250
    Painted Malifaux model Lelu of the Neverborn. (25/8/2011)page 13 post 249
    Painted Malifaux models. Lilith starting box set with additional Cherub and 2x Young Nephelim. (10/08/2011) page 13 post 248
    Painted Farseer and Eldar Army Shot. (17/06/2011)page 13 post 246
    Painted Howling Banshees, Wraithguard, Dire Avenger Exarch and Rangers. (06/06/2011) page 13 post 243
    Tyranid Dominatrix Conversion Painted. (31/05/2011) page 12 post 238
    Tyranid Dominatrix Conversion Completed. (15/05/2011) page 12 post 234
    WIP Tyranid Dominatrix conversion. Continued. (07/04/2011) page 12 post 230
    WIP Tyranid Dominatrix conversion. Continued. (04/04/2011) page 12 post 229
    Completed Mega Armored Ork Warboss conversion and WIP Tyranid Dominatrix conversion. (20/03/2011) page 12 post 223
    WIP Mega Armored Ork War Boss scratchbuild. (13/02/2011). page 12 post 222
    Painted commission tyranid bone-sword/lash-whips, painted Ork slugga boyz mob, and WIP ork slugga boyz kitbash. (06/02/2011)page 11 post 218
    WIP Eldar Wraithguard and SM Captain and Tech Marine conversions. (31/01/11) page 11 post 216
    Painted Eldar Rangers and 2nd Edition Ork Grots (23/01/2011) page 11 post 211
    Painted Striking Scorpions. (16/01/11) page 11 post 209
    Painted Mawloc, 2x 2nd ed carnifex, 3x 2nd ed zoanthropes, WIP 2nd ed striking scorpions AND Armourcast Dactylis. (26/11/10) page 11 post 207
    Completed tyrannofex conversion (11/10/10).page 11 post 203
    A tyrannofex conversion WIP. (08/10/10) page 10 post 199
    Painted Dire Avengers & Howling Banshees. Completed Mawloc conversion and a tyrannofex WIP. (02/10/10) page 10 post 196
    Wave Serpent converison completed. (15/08/10)pace 10 post 191
    2nd painted Doom of Malanti & wave serpent WIP. (14/06/10)page 10 post 187
    Painted tyrannofex conversion. (06/06/2010) page 10 post 185
    30 painted space marines and some painted GW terrain. (03/06/10) page 9 post 179 & 180
    Another Doom of Malanti conversion. (18/04/10).page 9 post 168
    WIP Tyrannofex continued - model complete awaiting paint. (13/04/10).page 9 post 162
    WIP Tyrannofex continued. (11/04/10). page 9 post 161.
    WIP Tyrannofex. (07/04/10).page 8 post 159
    Painted Doom of Malanti and painted Jetbike Faseer conversion, (4/4/2010).page 8 post 153
    WIP Doom of Malanti. (28/3/2010). page 8 post 142
    Painted Trygon/Trygon Prime/Mawloc. (5/3/2010).page 7 post 135
    WIP paint of female farseer on jetbike & Painted Tervigon and bonesword conversions. (3/3/2010)page 7 post 131
    WIP and step by step for a female farseer on jet bike conversion. (27/2/2010) page 7 post 127
    Minor update. Photo of the under belly of tervigon conversion. (18/2/2010) page 6 post 116
    Completed Tervigon conversion with last of the step by step. (17/2/2010) page 6 post 109
    More WIP and step by step of tervigon conversion. (16/2/2010) page 6 post 104
    WIP and step by step of Tervigon conversion. (15/2/2010) page 6 post 101
    Step by Step on bone-sword conversion. (12/02/2010) page 5 post 95
    WIP painting progress of Trygon/Mawloc kit. (12/02/2010) page 5 post 92
    Modular Trygon/Mawloc plastic kit assembly step by step. (24/01/2010)page 5 post 90
    Painted the last of my SH genestealers as well as 3 old school tyrant guard. (21/01/2010) page 5 post 87
    Painted 10 more SH genestealers and finish painting 20 SH stealer scenic bases. (09/11/2009) page 4 post 78
    Painted brood lord conversion. (23/10/2009) page 4 post 63
    Conversion of metal broodlord and minor conversion on old tyrant guard. (18/10/09) page 3 post 59
    Painted pouncing lictor conversion. (16/10/09) page 3 post 58
    Painted 5 tyranid warriors. (05/10/09) page 3 post 57
    Painted Devourer Fex. (28/08/09) page 3 post 44
    Painted SH broodlord and genestealers. (13/09/09) page 2 post 39
    Painted upright carnifex conversion with venom cannons and barbed strangler. (09/09/09) page 2 post 30
    Painted "striking scorpion" wraithlord conversion . (05/09/09) page 2 post 29

    The project? To get my lazy b*m moving and finsih painting all the minis in the cupboard!

    I've been collecting minis since 1997 and I'm sure most of you can relate, have amassed enough minis to stock a small store. The unfortunate thing is that less then half are painted.

    So a commitment to myself to change the fact around from less then 50% to greater then 90%. (Here's hoping anyway!)

    I have 3 40K armies. DA, Nids and Eldar.
    DA 3000 pts painted.
    Nids 5000 pts painted.
    Eldar a miserable 300 pts painted.
    Of course there are plenty of unpainted ones to go as well for all 3 naturally.

    So I'm starting on my Eldar first!

    Truth be told, I have had the Eldar minis in my cupboard for well over 7 years now and never been able to paint them as I couldn't find a color scheme that I liked till I stumbled across an issue of white dwarf featuring the WH codex. There was a SOB army being painted by an Eavy Metal lady which looked really cool, and I nicked it an modified it for the Eldar!

    My first painted Eldar! Yay! A squad of Fire dragons. 4 more to go.

    My First Striking Scorpion.

    A converted Striking Scorpioin.

    My first Warp Spider.

    C&C welcome!

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