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Thread: Ideas for a empire army (Huntsmen)

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    Ideas for a empire army (Huntsmen)

    Iv'e finally started to play warhammer fantasy after having spent about 3years with 40k. Iv'e played Space marines and Imperial guard and plan to start a Empire army.
    Most of it is cliché with swordsmen, spearmen, knights and priests. The only thing that differs a bit from your "average" Empire army is my idea of using huntsmen.

    So, I'm planing on using 10 huntsmen (+marksman, cost of 105p) at 1000p and later on (at 1500p aprox) increase the number to 15. Later I might even increase it to 20. So are they worth it?
    I think that 10 infiltrating str 3 bows can be usefull for harassing a flank or rear and may even be usefull for Warmachine hunting. They can't take much punishent but may work well as the scouts they are.

    I plan on combining the wood elf kitt with the Empire milita (or Empire crossbowmen, havn't decided yet). The end result will be Empire bowmen with capes and hoods.
    So, criticism/suggestions? Are they worth the points and work?
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