Hello All,

I've been out of the hobby for a while, but I recently have time again and with the new Warriors of Chaos codex impending, I figured I would start early with new armies. My plan is for a more traditional mortal army as well as a monster army lead by the new troll king character (always wanted to do a troll army ). I want to have a unified look between the two army so I can field them together for large battles. I wanted to give the army a more norse look something akin to the space wolves feel. Here is my first attempt at a group of warriors:

They are basically regular warriors with marauder heads & shields. I cut the capes away & used greenstuff to continue the furs down their backs. I painted up the standard bearer as a test & because I wanted to get some ideas going for freehands.

I'm not 100% happy with the paintjob, but I can tweak it as I go along.

Next up are some stone trolls I slightly converted for the army. I am going to use converted stone & river trolls as opposed to chaos trolls because the models are just better. I'm not completely happy with the hood on the second troll, I may go back & redo it.

I saved my favorite for last, some chaos ogres converted from plastic ogres. These guys were so much fun I am going to make some more for sure. There are a could rough spots that need smoothing out & I noticed a couple moldlines that need to be filed off, but overall I'm really happy how they turned out.

Any comments & criticism are welcome, thanks for looking.