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    Dogs of War

    Well, from playing games like Mordheim for so long I realized that I actually have a fair number of human models. As a dwarf player, I was a bit baffled on what to do, as I didn't think that they were enough (or coherent enough) to make a real army. Then I remembered the Dogs of War. Thus, I came up with this list, please critique it as you may. I hope to get a game in with it, to see exactly how well humans can do.


    Lvl 2 Wizard: Dispel Scroll, Power Stone (general) (145)
    Lvl 2 Wizard: Staff of Sorcery (145)
    Paymaster: Heavy Armor, Shield, Brace of Pistols (75)


    8 Duellists: Hand Weapons, Shields, Pistols (80)
    8 Duellists: Hand Weapons, Shields, Pistols (80)
    8 Duellists: Hand Weapons, Shields, Pistols (80)
    10 Crossbowmen: Hand Weapons, Crossbows (80)
    5 Voland's Venators (195)

    20 Bearmen of Urslo (325)
    10 Dwarfs: Heavy Armor, Shields, Crossbows (140)
    10 Dwarfs: Heavy Armor, Shields, Crossbows (140)

    Cannon (85)



    Well, the biggest reasons for these choices is the models that I have available (I used pretty much every human on foot that I have. All I've got left are some zombies, heavily armored crossbowmen (3) and huge vampire/chaos warrior models...) What I do have left is lots of dwarfs.

    However, for this list the plan is fairly simply. Beorg strides forward (WS 5, S5, T5 and A5! along with that 4+ ward save and +1 to hit in the first turn...) where he will hopefully smash into the enemy hard. Voland's Venators (basically Str 4 knights with heavy armor and a captain instead of a champion) are there to support Beorg.

    The duellists each have a hero in there and hopefully they won't get in combat. The big hope is this: one wizard takes the lore of beasts and will hopefully get bear's anger (one character with US 1 gets +3 A, +2 S, +1 T. On Beorg that is str 7, T 6 A 8!) and the other one takes lore of heavens (for portent of phar/ second sign). Basically, the magic phase is mostly there to further enchance my hitty units, not to blow up the enemy. The duellists are body guards/march blockers and maybe war machine hunters.

    And finally, the mass of crossbows. With their long range, hopefully taking down fast cav, war machine crews, etc.

    Now, the choice that I am thinking about is this: I am lacking infantry. So, would it make sense to drop the dwarf crossbows and instead go for a big unit of 25 warriors with shields? It would free up 30 points, which I guess would buy champions for the duellists.

    Anyways, advice, critisism etc is more than welcome!
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