Phew what a ride this squad has been.

Most of these were experiments to get consistent yellow that matches my 10 year old method. Most are now reasonably matchy (yay airbrush!) Yes, they're a lot more "golden" than most Fists you see nowadays, but I love it and it's mine. I keep trying to make a consistent panorama, but I've given up! If someone wants a fun photostitch/depth of field challenge the Photoshop hates, let me know!

The Sergeant was a bit of an accident, but he works. The MKVI marine with the black shoulder pad seems a bit of a workaround for the company markings, and I quite enjoy it.

The MKVIII guy blends in nicely, despite being probably most different at his base. The arms and shoulders were done from scratch which really helped.

Love this guy in the middle.

I think I probably need to do some Night Lords next, but I might also go for a Rhino for this squad to see what it's like on a vehicle before I tackle the Storm Raven...