Heroes @ 640
Sorceress @ 150

Level 2,
dispell scroll, dispell scroll

Master @ 171
Dark Pegasus, Lance, Sea dragon cloak, Shield, Heavy Armour, Ring of Hotek,

1 Master 329
Manticore, lance, shield, sea dragon cloack, heavy armour, Pendent of Khaeleth

Core @ 555
5 Dark riders @ 117

Repeater crossbows, Musician

5 Dark riders @ 117
Repeater crossbows, Musician

20 Warriors @ 180
Shield, full command, Warbanner

Assasin @ 141
Add. hand weapon, Rune of Khaine, Manbane

Special @ 596
5 Cold one Knights @ 202
Champ, Standard, Standard of Slaughter

5 CoK @ 149

14 Black Guards @ 245
Champion, Standard, Standard of Hag Ghraef

Rare @ 375
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers @ 200

1 Hydra @ 175

Total @ 2166

Can you guys help me? I'm 166pts over 2k and need to get rid of some things. I don't know if my opponent will go magic or not but I took a bit magic def. Pegasus master with ring of hotek to annoy the caster, and a scroll caddie.

I tried to give my warriors as much static combat rez as possible and put an Assasin in it to slay a few models before the enemy strikes incase they charge. (also the assasin will take out flanking wolves if they get through)

2x5 Dark Riders so I meet core requirements and are cheap and work great, I'll take down hounds / light cav first so they wont bug me. After that I'll take the rear of units with few models in rear.

2x5 Cold one Knights more cav, mobile and pack quet a punch. These Probably go after the Warriors.

2x RBT to take down Giants and whittle down warriors, shoot some chaos knigts u catch my drift

Tips are very much apreciated! ^^