Well, with my EC's dissapearing to France, and my nids to vanish somewhere too, I'm going to be down to 0 40k armys painted very soon, EEK!

I had been meaning to slowly work on my orks here and there, but that's just not going to be an option now! I have been fairly keen on the orks ever since some nasty little inside man leaked a copy of the half finished codex to the interwebs before it was finished and released.

So after flitting between a million different themes, ranging from everything between KoS and a walkey burney list, I decided on a list of a big meks workshop. It also gave me an excuse to use the trash bases by Micro Art Studios, after seeing them in Hortworths freeboota blog.

So all up, the list for now is looking like : A couple of Big Meks, some Lootas, some Killer Kanz, Deff Dreadz (one of which I plan to use a plane for!), koptas, buggies, boyz, a trukk and even some gretchin helpers :D (can't wait for the wave 2 plastic gretchin!).


I quickly whipped up a test figure;

and then lept into the first unit!

In my usual fashion, I've taken the photos late at night with a single light, which makes the brights look bright, and anything else look pitch black compared to what it looks like in the flesh ;) Sigh!

Anywho, with a month off over dec/jan - I'm hoping to put some serious dents in the models that need painting.