Had this come up in a game the other day, and wasn't sure if I was right, and if I was, how to prove it to my opponent.

I had a unit of Dark Elves who wanted to charge a skirmishing unit (a Beast Herd). The majority of the unit was at a 45 degree angle to the right of my dark elves, mostly in my flank zone. In a straight line from my dark elves were 2 skirmishers.

Part 1: If I chose to charge straight ahead without wheeling so that I contacted the nearest of the 2 models to my front, would I be able to do so? Or would I have to wheel to face the majority of the opposing unit?

Part 2: If I charged straight ahead with no wheel, and the skirmishers fled, which way would they flee? I said straight away from my unit, my opponent said they would flee at the 45 degree angle, as that was "directly away from the charging enemy" for the majority of the unit.

What's the proper way to resolve this?