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    From the wastes

    I know, I know. You're thinking "yawwwwwwn" another chaos project log. I have no words of consolation for you, only more boring chaos tedium.

    I've been a chaos player since before it was vogue. My one and only finished fantasy army ever was my Warriors of Chaos Khorne army. Unfortunately the list got squashed by the new Army Book so I'm having to add to it significantly. I've also had the lovely fortune to break my arm, so it's been a slow month for modeling. As I'm beginning to be able to work again I thought I'd start a log so you could all journey with me through what promises to be a riveting tale of painting and green-stuffing. So to wet your palette, how about some boring Marauder horsemen pictures!?

    This unit was completed the day I broke my arm (about a month ago). I did some minor modifications to give them a bit more personality than the standard kit, mainly by repositioning some arms for more dynamic poses and, of course, by giving a few riders Conan hair.


    The weather on the East coast has been somewhat lousy (by our weakling standards) and lacking a car with 4 wheel drive I'm spending quite a bit of time at home. The plan for tomorrow is to get some work done towards having my first war shrine. I'll post some in progress pictures if there's anything worth the looking. The plan, generally speaking, will be to get some sort of update up at least once a week.
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