This is going to be yet another Imperial Guard log. I never really intended to start a Guard Army, originally I had planned a mission using the pilot from the Battle for Macragge and the crashed shuttle scenery. I then thought some more survivors from the crash would good so I got one of the boxes of snap fit Cadians. I used both the pilot and the Guardsmen as a bit of a painting experiment too.

I needed them painted quickly so they were primed then given base colours from the foundation range and finally washed with black everywhere except the flesh areas. They ended up looking pretty good, considering the amount of time spent. They will not win any prizes but they are definitely of tabletop standard. I enjoyed painting them and though I would put together a small army of them. I am starting with infantry and a few other things that interest me.

So here are the guys that started it all.

More to follow, pictures of my first squad and some background. C and C welcome.