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Thread: Loyalist Sylvanians! 2250 ETC

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    Loyalist Sylvanians! 2250 ETC

    Hello folks! New to Empire, (yes if you read my previous dwarf post, please understand that empire won me over).

    I'm just starting with Empire, and I have been toying for some time now with a themed list, a Loyalist army of Sylvania, using the purple and white colours, with red feathers, as seen in an old WD VC preview.

    Here's the list, looking forward to getting some feedback!

    General of the Empire (227pts)
    [Full Plate Armor; Shield; Sword of Power; Laurels of Victory; Barded Warhorse]

    Goes in a 9 man core knight unit with the MR(2) banner. Laurels and S6 should win the day even with a standard knights unit.


    Captain (139pts)
    [ABSB; Sword of Might; Dawn Armour; Barded Warhorse]

    Inside a unit of 24 swordsmen. Adds the some punch and that much needed bsb.

    Warrior Priest (144pts)
    [Great Weapon; Armour of Meteoric Iron; Icon of Magnus]

    Inside a unit of Greatswords, 20 strong, to give them hatred. Plus no auto break from fear, yay for Magnus!

    Battle Wizard
    [Lvl 2; Dispel Scroll (x2)]

    Scroll Caddy. 'Nuff said.

    24 Swordsmen (169pts)
    [Full Command; Parent A]
    Detachment A1: 10 Crossbowmen (80pts)
    Detachment A2: 10 Halberdiers (50pts)

    Secondary troop block

    10 Free Company; Musician (54pts)

    Cheap stuff to hinder and redirect charges, may go warmachine/skirmisher hunting if ignored

    The General’s Bodyguard (287pts)
    [9xKnightly Order; Full Command; Standard of Arcane Warding]

    Hammer unit. Numbers so that it survives being shot at.

    10 Huntsmen (100pts)

    March Blockers. 'Nuff said.

    20 Greatswords (230pts) + (80pts)
    [Full Command Parent B]
    10 Crossbowmen [Detatchment BI]

    Main infantry unit. Hatred ftw.

    2 groups of 5 Pistoliers (114pts)+(114pts)
    [Musician; including Outrider with Rep. Pistol]

    Harass. Harass. Harass.

    Great Cannon (100pts)

    For those big nasties.

    Hellblaster Volley Gun (110pts)


    10 Flagellants (100pts)

    Cheap protection for one flank

    Total: 2248pts | Models: 135 | 4 power die | 4 dispel die
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