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Thread: Building the medieval city

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    Re: Building the medieval city

    Hello guys!

    We have finished the Town Wall sections which can be connected to the Town Gate. Soon we will release the corner towers as well.

    For more info check out our website.


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    Re: Building the medieval city

    That is unbelievably beautiful.

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    Re: Building the medieval city


    I need to start saving for this!
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    Re: Building the medieval city

    Woah, only for the fact that I'm not actively playing, I'd buy a set of these town walls....

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    Re: Building the medieval city

    Wow indeed.

    I hope you get the orders you deserve for this!
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    Re: Building the medieval city

    Just flanking the gate for now, but I do look forward to angeld towers - perhaps even larger corner towers, a roundel or an early bastion. Depending on height their guard tower will fit neatly behind the walls.

    That said, a simple 90 tower (or 60) would suffice to complete the current set, and a modular kit for buildings (base, middle, upper, roof) would ruin me.
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    Re: Building the medieval city

    Check this thread for several years and quite like it .

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    Re: Building the medieval city

    After a quick chek at your website, I have to admit that everything is amazing! Well done sir!

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