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Thread: 467th / 752nd Krieg Independent Night Fighting Reg.

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    Re: 467th / 752nd Krieg Independent Night Fighting Reg.

    @ SDKFZ; yes, indeed, alternative heads from a Latino producer off of Fleabay

    Otriatus 9A and 2A; assigned with their handler, to the "Obvious Defiance". Initially assigned to the ship to help cleanse unwanted stowaways, Flight-leftenant Leftenant Bakka requested they be assigned to his command, in giving him direct access to the cleaning crew. "Ballea Designate 243" was all to happy to have a looser assignment, giving him space to tend to his personal research regarding the data input to his assigned robots, designated Otriatus 9A and 2A.
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    Base coated my robots.
    Next up are my handler and officer of the Fleet, a lovely family picture;
    Flight-leftenant Brakka on the left, and to the right
    Handler-Tech-adept Cybersmith "Ballea Designate 243"/55/00100.

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    These robots will be part of the ones assigned eventually to the Desert Lions laying siege to Carthage in Operation Carthage (Second Pacification of Istvaan V) (Unknown Date.M31)
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