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Thread: O&G army list competivite NEED HELP BIGTIME!

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    O&G army list competivite NEED HELP BIGTIME!

    Oke so im making lists for a m8 of mine who is gonna play O&G on one of the biggest tournaments of the netherlands. so i need big time help. iv played him a gazillion times and he always lost to my vc. im not that good a general so its his list for sure. we saw the registered players army choices and its a lot of VC than comes Daemons, than warriors of chaos and than dark elves. thats a lot of power play out there. this is what i thought of for him to bring.

    223 - Savage Orc Boyz x 26. musician, Standardbearer,
    264 - Savage Orc Boyz x 26. boss, Standardbearer, musician, Spears
    223 - Savage Orc Boyz x 26. musician, Standardbearer
    65 - Goblin Wolfriders x 5, Spears
    65 - Goblin Wolfriders x 5, Spears

    179 - Savage Orc Boar Boyz x 5. Big 'Uns, Shields, Standardbearer,
    140 - Goblin Spear Chukka x 4
    85 - Orc boar chariot+crew

    80 - Doomdiver catapult

    100 - Night Goblin Shaman. Level 1, Staff of Sneaky Stealin'
    180 - Black Orc Big Boss. Battlestandardbearer, Boar, Heavy Armour, Mork's Spirit Totem.
    157 - Black Orc Big Boss. Heavy Armour, Shield, Boar, Shaga's Screamin' Sword.
    239p - Black Orc Warboss, Enchanted Shield, Boar, Ulag's Akrit Axe, Best boss 'at

    total = 2000p

    so what do you guys think? the wolfriders are there for flank attacks and screening + bait and flee. the doomdiver and chukkas weaken the enemy before the big waagh takes them out. the chariot helps the core some more as well. the general and heroes will be dispersed among the savage orc units. so why not make them savage? well they crack heads to keep the boyz moving and because they would charge out. we could replace the chariot for another doom diver but should we? going big on artillery might be what makes sure that when the core hits HtH they outnumber big time and will pummel the rest of the opponent down to a bloody pulp. plus those WoC players will be bringing big time chaos knights for sure so

    help plz!!!!
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